Red Dot Design Award

Dr. Loupe - Iris Recognition Paramedic Diagnosis and Recording IoT Device

Dr. Loupe - Iris Recognition Paramedic Diagnosis and Recording IoT Device | Red Dot Design Award

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DR. LOUPE is an iris recognition device that helps medical technicians respond to medical emergencies quickly and make the right diagnosis. It identifies the patient's identity and suggests appropriate first-aid based on vital data from the patient’s medical history. Emergency medical technicians often have to go through different tools and procedures just to get the biometric information of the patient. Pressed for time, it is easy to make mistakes. DR. LOUPE unifies and synchronises various procedures and information for the technicians. At every step in the first-aid process, the exact status can be verified through DR. LOUPE, which is already synchronised with the emergency procedure. This allows medical staffs to focus on assessing and responding to the patient's condition. An effort has also been put into designing the functions of DR. LOUPE. The lower part of the handle has a respiratory rate sensor and the upper part of the device has a display monitor. Other functions of the device include a camera, LED lights, iris recognition infrared ray sensor and a charging port. The charging cradle also fans out into a screen that beam-projects the patient's medical history and current diagnosis data. The cradle would be normally attached to the wall of an ambulance.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Design:
    Cho Ji Hee, Gao Huile, Prof. Jung Eui Chul, Le Meile, Pak Kicheol, South Korea