AGI New Members 2007–2017

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The nearly 700-page book includes the work of more than 200 new members accepted by the Alliance Graphique Internationale (AGI) between 2007 and 2017. Each designer is presented on three pages with profile, selected works and a short interview covering current design-related issues, the developments and challenges in graphic design and the role and future of print media. Upholding the motto “Enjoy Design!”, this book is the third of a series to be designed by renowned graphic designer Jianping He. The distinctive black-and-white cover already re­veals an outstanding 13,880 paper strips into which the upper fifth of all book pages have been cut into. Upon opening the book, these strips make the pages fan out manifoldly – to not only create a highly playful and lively element, but also demonstrate new possibilities in book design. When browsing through the pages, something new happens constantly, turning the book into a worthy introduction of the new members.

Begründung der Jury

The catalogue of the new AGI members thrills readers at first sight. Only for a split second does it irritate that the upper part of every page has been cut into strips, quickly giving way to fascination. Touching and stroking across the soft end of the pages actually is a truly en­joyable, sensual pleasure. In addition, the careful use of typography and implementation of various reading levels turn the book into an art object, but one that also excellently fulfils its function as a compendium.

Red Dot: Grand Prix

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