Poster Series

TfN – Theater für Niedersachsen

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The Theater für Niedersachsen (TfN) is the municipal theatre of the city of Hildesheim in Lower Saxony, Germany. The theatre travels annually to over 60 venues, also to rural areas throughout the entire federal state. The concept of these posters sets out to visualise the wide range of productions and genres in an eye-catching and recognisable manner to create a series. Traditional illustrations staged like collages were chosen to form a lively symbiosis with strong coloured backgrounds. A contrasting circle serves as both a recurring design element and an accentuating spotlight cone.

  • Client:
    TfN – Theater für Niedersachsen GmbH, Hildesheim, Germany
  • Design:
    LOOK / / one GmbH, Hannover, Germany
  • Art Direction:
    Horst Richter
  • Graphic Design:
    Sven Ahrens Christine Metz Marianne von Allesch
  • Production:
    Sabrina Berger Roman Eichel