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The Wedding of Siri & Alexa

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To invite the world to the international EuroPride event in Vienna and thus promote the city as a tourist destination to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people, a marriage was documented that was never celebrated before: the first AI marriage – the wedding of Siri and Alexa. A high-profile crowd of Viennese LGBTQ celebrities and VIPs gathered in the famous Belvedere Palace to witness the marriage of the two voice assistants. To make it all happen, a custom Alexa skill called “The Pride Skill” was created that allowed the two AIs to exchange vows and which anyone then could download to marry their Siri to Alexa and thus get in the mood for EuroPride 2019 in Vienna. As the marriage for all had finally been introduced in Vienna on 1 January 2019, the idea of this unusual homosexual marriage emerged as a symbol for a cosmopolitan city where every kind of love is possible and which openly embraces the variety of different life concepts.

Begründung der Jury

This extraordinary wedding succeeds in communicating meaningful content in a manner that is not only humorous and aesthetically appealing, but also contemporary and universally understandable. Set against an overly baroque backdrop and supported by firmly established celebrities, the city of Vienna thus boosted its image not only of being tolerant and cosmopolitan, but through the use of AI also as an innovative and contemporary city that embraces technology.

Red Dot: Grand Prix

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