Soldi- Daily Soldering Stationery

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Soldi is a soldering stationery that consists of a station and pen that can be used independently along with a soldering plate to provide a safe and user-friendly workspace at home. It moves the soldering machine from industrial working spaces to our everyday environment and caters to the increasing number of people who use a soldering iron at home for craft and maker activities. The pen is mounted onto the station using a magnet, which also delivers heat to the pen, eliminating the need for bulky wires found in conventional soldering irons. The pen can be heated in 20 seconds, and can be used for 5 minutes. The station can also be used independently for 6 hours after it is fully charged through the plate. With Soldi, the designers believe the soldering experience can be more convenient and user-friendly. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | Industry

Red Dot

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