Renne Angelvuo

Renne Angelvuo studied advertising, marketing and design at the Institute of Marketing in Helsinki and followed this up with an arts degree from the Free Art School Helsinki. Since 1980, he has worked as art director in advertising and design. In 1994, he launched his own company PRIORITY Advertising & Design, and in 2004 he set up Win Win Branding, today renamed Win Win Design. Renne Angelvuo has years of expertise in packaging and industrial design, branding and innovative packaging. His clients include many big Finnish and international brands such as Nokia, MySQL, Nestlé, Metsä Tissue, UPM Kymmene, Saarioinen and The Finnish LONG DRINK (USA). He’s been a member of the board of the EPDA, European Brand and Packaging Design Association, over ten years, and the president in 2015-2018, where he still is as Ambassador of EPDA. 

Red Dot: What innovations are there in regard to minimalism in packaging design?
Renne Angelvuo: There are ingenious structural solutions and the use of fibre-based packaging materials with great visuals and a minimalist approach.

What characterises good packaging design?
Some things don’t change, which means that packaging design must be eye-catching and visible to get people’s attention and to communicate in almost no time the product benefits to achieve memorable branding.

Who or what inspires you in your daily work as a designer?
The real inspiration for me are challenging consumers, rapidly changing consumer trends and the need to please these smart millennial consumers.


Renne Angelvuo