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Red Dot Award: Design Concept was established in 2005 to identify and celebrate new design concepts and innovations, the precursors of tomorrow’s great products. Today, the award has become a professional and valuable platform to evaluate and recognise design projects for their design excellence. These projects may be from varying stages of development ranging from concepts, to prototypes, to almost or fully developed products which are Ready for Market.

Search for the best of professional design concepts begins

Companies, design studios, and design professionals in the manufacturing and service industry are invited to submit their best design projects to the jury to be recognised and to be presented to the world. The highest recognition in this award is the prestigious Red Dot: Luminary. It is awarded to the best design concept for the year. Over the years, winners of the Red Dot: Luminary include design projects from Hyundai Motor Company, Lilium, BionicM Inc., Yamaha Motor and Google Inc.

Best of young designers under 30 for the Red Dot: Next Gen Award

Young professionals and design students under the age of 30 are invited to enter their design projects into the Red Dot: Next Gen Award. This award serves to identify the next generation of  designers who will define the future. The highest achievement emerging from the best of young designers is the Red Dot: Peter Zec Prize that comes with a prize of 10,000 Singapore Dollars sponsorship from the Founder and CEO of Red Dot, Prof. Dr Peter Zec.

Highlights of 2023

Increase brand value

The Red Dot is a recognised international seal for excellence in design innovation. Winning a Red Dot is a highly effective way to communicate of your design and innovation leadership, enhancing mindshare and increasing your brand value to the world.

Achieve a breakthrough

Winning a Red Dot defends your good design, enabling you to take the risks needed to achieve breakthroughs in developing new design concepts and innovations. A Red Dot Award is an independent endorsement of design excellence and an indicator of success, you will be leveraging on an independent group of experts to provide unbiased evaluation of your new concepts or innovations.

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