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285 million blind and visually impaired people worldwide have limited access to knowledge, as only three per cent of all text content is available in Braille and only ten per cent of the visually impaired can read Braille as the only alternative. This website introduces Dot Mini, a smart device that can access any digital text content from websites, books, magazines, audio and even films on its own and transfer them into tactile information. Equipped with the innovative, AI-based Dot Translation Engine, the device understands the respective contexts of words and translates them efficiently to Grade 2 Braille. Featuring a reduced, clean background in white and grey tones, the website presents all important details about the groundbreaking features of this device, which not only allows to load content from an SD card, directly connect with other devices via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB, or collaborate via HDMI, but – reaching beyond Braille – also provides additional audio support for even faster perception of desired content.

Begründung der Jury

Dot Mini impresses with a wide technical range of highly innovative services for instantly translating display-based texts and data into tactile information. A huge milestone for visually impaired people, the device supports both self-reliance and inclusion – and, what is more, it even gives users the freedom to experience content in any way they like. The design is kept minimalist to decisively reflect the quality and novelty of this innovation.

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