Red Dot Award: Design Concept

Energy and Electrification

Batteries, power bank, generators, solar energy devices, wind energy devices, thermal energy devices, electric energy, nuclear energy, energy grid, energy conservation, renewable energy, alternate energy, new sources of energy, energy independent devices, energy recovery, energy efficiency, energy storage and distributions, others

Examples from past years' winners

Jackery Explorer system-ORV

Shenzhen Hello Tech Energy Co., Ltd

GEN 24 Plus

Fronius International GmbH, Formquadrat GmbH


Michael Kritzer, Nicolaas Wilkens
United States

Wind Digester

Huang Yu-Xiang, Ma Lang-Wen, Wu Wei-Kai

Genesis Wireless EV Charging System

Hyundai Motor Company
South Korea

Solar Sunshade

Shenzhen Thinkdo Design Co., Ltd., Changzhou Kaiyuhe Sunshade Technology Co., Ltd.