Red Dot Award: Design Concept 2024

Online Evaluation








On logging in, you will see the Judging Dashboard. The Dashboard shows you the categories you will be judging. 

Each category is split into Professional and Next Gen Entries. The Professional entries are further split into Concept and Ready For Market entries.

To start, tap on ‘View Entries’. You will be directed to the overview for the sub-category.

Viewing and Scoring Entries

Viewing and Scoring Entries

At View Entries, tap on a thumbnail to view an entry to score. 


At each entry, scroll left and right to view the images. Tap on the image to enlarge the image.

To view text that might be hidden, scroll up and down on the left panel of the entry.

If there is a video attached to the entry, you will be able to view the video after the last image.




To score, tap on ‘select’ to activate the drop-down box

10 represents an entry that you think is most likely to be awarded
1 represents an entry that you think is unlikely to be awarded.
0 tells us you are abstaining from scoring.

After you have scored an entry, tap on ‘Save’ to advance to the next entry. 

After the last entry in the sub-category has been scored, you will be directed back to the overview page. 

Tap on Dashboard to go to the Dashboard page.