Win at the highest level

This is the only award that evaluate the submitted entries purely on its design merit and not by who submitted the entries.  As a designer, whether you are already practicing or still a student, when you win, you win at the highest level.  You share the same accolades as established companies and reputable design studios.

Advance your career

The Red Dot Award is a recognised  international seal for good design. For 60 years, it was pursued by companies and design studios as a credible endorsement of their design excellence. Companies and studios knows and respect this seal for excellent design. Therefore, winning a Red Dot gives you an advantage in your strive for a better career with these companies and studios.

Gain media attention

With a long illustrious reputation as the authority on good design, Red Dot often serves as the media's reference for features on the latest design trends and noteworthy companies.  Winning a Red Dot Award gives you a strong advantage in attracting media attention.