Design Studios

Emerge from the shadows of your client

Designing for clients often mean that your name is not known. Many outstanding design studios continue to live in the shadow of successful clients.  Winning a Red Dot would provide credit, highlight your existence, widening your client base. A Red Dot is an international seal for excellence in design innovation. It communicates to the world and potential clients your design and innovation leadership, enhancing mindshare and increasing brand value.

Gain media attention

With a long illustrious reputation as the authority on good design, Red Dot often serves as the media's reference for features on the latest design trends and noteworthy companies. Winning a Red Dot Award gives your studio a strong advantage in attracting media attention.

Rank at the top

The Red Dot Design Ranking for design concepts records wins over 5 years to compute the rank for the top most  innovative design studios of the year. Being ranked communicates your consistent outstanding accomplishment in design, gaining recognition beyond winning just a single award. The ranking clearly communicates to potential clients of your standing amongst your competitors, influencing client’s choice of design studios to collaborate with.