Red Dot Award: Product Design 2024

Focus on innovations

Set the right focus and show the jury your innovations!

From 4 September 2023, you can register your innovative products for the Red Dot Award: Product Design. Whether technical optimisation, a different form, the use of an innovative material or a revolutionary approach to use – show the jury what your product has to offer.

If you enter your product in the metacategory “Innovative Products”, you even have the chance to win two awards in the competition, as you also enter your innovation twice – once in one of the classic categories and once in the metacategory. The second submission gives you the opportunity to set a focus on the innovative features of your product. Both entries will then be intensively evaluated by the Red Dot Jury: During the first round, the experts will evaluate your product in terms of its comprehensive design. In the second walkthrough, the focus is on the innovation specified by you.

Red Dot juror Prof. Jun Cai speaking about innovations in design

“It is exciting to see the progress of design and to witness change. I am always inspired by the work of talented designers, by their creative innovation and their unique imagination.”

Your benefits as a winner:

  • Communication of your award in the end of March after the results announcement
  • Use of the Red Dot winner label, which indicates your product’s innovative features
  • Publication of your product in the online exhibition in the “Innovative Products” area
  • Individual presentation of your product in the Red Dot Design Yearbook in the chapter “Innovative Products”
  • Honouring at the internationally attended award ceremony
  • Presentation in international exhibitions
  • Positioning as innovative company
  • International attention through presence on the channels of Red Dot

How to register

  • 1. Get details on costs and registration

    in the Guide to Success

  • 2. Register or enter

    in the My Red Dot portal

  • 3. Complete first registration

    in one of the traditional categories

  • 4. Complete second registration
    in the metacategory “Innovative Products”
  • 5. Deliver product once only
    double delivery not necessary


Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions:

Red Dot Team
Telephone: +49 201 838885–46
E-mail: pd(at) 

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