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Level 52 — Precisely Located

Level 52 is easy to locate for precisely two reasons: on the one hand, the duo positions itself as specialists for customised audio-visual communications; on the other, the studio name contains its geographical location. The pits of the Croatian coal mining region Labin are called “liveli” in the vernacular, while the number 52 is the area code for Istria. But the real home of the creative team is in the world of sound design. They channel all their passion into moving people with sound in a matter of seconds.

Interview with Level 52

Red Dot: You used authentic mining tools for the soundtrack of the documentary “Labin Republic”. Is the combination of analogue instruments with digital technology particularly appealing?
Level 52: Sampling analogue sounds and transforming them with technology is a method we found inspiring. It has the ability to convey messages in a totally unique way. Taking something organic from nature as a foundation and creating something completely new from it that has never existed in the world in that form is an amazing feeling.

Was sound design underestimated for a long time and what fascinates you about this genre?
Sound design has its own great history, but in recent years it has increasingly found its place in the commercial world. The sudden expansion of audio technology helped popularise sound design as a form of expression. Sound designing is like having paper and a brush. In the right hands, it can drastically change the emotion, the ambience, and even the complete message that we send. It is a very powerful tool.

“Precisely Located”