“Addressing a much larger group of people” – Red Dot winner stories in the media

The world’s best product design for 2016 will be chosen in only a few weeks. It’s a bold claim, but Red Dot has proven time after time to be the one award to fulfil it. A completely independent expert jury from more than 20 nations, that signs a strict code of honour and is looking at some 5,000 physical product entries on-site – this is an unparalleled scenery in the world of awards. No wonder, then, that the winners face an ever-growing interest by the media.

Especially the Red Dot: Best of the Best winners benefit from increased overage. In 2015, only 81 products received this highest, rare and therefore precious distinction. Red Dot’s PR team, the official award’s media partners, numerous papers, online channels and TV stations are presenting the winners to a large audience.

A good example is the 2015 winner in the “transportation” category, the China Airlines Premium Business Class lounge from Taiwan. At the Red Dot Gala in Essen, not only China Airlines’ Chairman Hung-Hsiang Sun came in person to be awarded on stage - the largest Taiwanese TV station TVBS reported from the event in a 7 minutes news item.

The Swiss TV magazine reported extensively on MB&F’s Red Dot: Best of the Best winner “Space Pirate” and dared a comparison with the Apple Watch. Talking about and focusing purely on watches, renowned watch magazines like “Chronos”, “Quill & Pad”, or “Watchtime” featured large reports on the Red Dot winners in 2015 alone. Many different special interest magazines, like the Apple news site iClarified, published their Red Dot winners stories just as design magazines like Yanko Design did on a whole range of different products.

“Good design”, explained by the award’s founder and CEO Prof. Dr. Peter Zec, “is defined by the qualities of function, seduction, use, and responsibility”. In other words: Although the major brand names of all product industries are regularly entering and often winning, only the design quality is judged in the Red Dot Award, regardless of a manufacturer’s size. In consequence, the media have uncountable stories to be told and uncovered about hidden champions and the biggest names for 2016.

The participation period is nearly over: Only until 10 February, designers and manufacturers can enter their products to the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2016. The celebrated media event Red Dot Gala will take place on 4 July, 2016 in Essen, Germany.

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