„All I need is less” – Hideshi Hamaguchi is part of the Red Dot Jury 2018

The jury of the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2018 is especially glad about support from the designer of the USB flash drive. Within the framework of the evaluation process which lasts several days, Hideshi Hamaguchi will assess the entered products together with his jury colleagues with regard to their design quality.

Hideshi Hamaguchi – designer of the USB stick
Small, lightweight and resistant: with the invention of the USB flash drive, a mobile data medium that can be connected to every computer was created. Thereby, the CD-ROM was history and one of the most important innovations of the last decades originated. Thanks to the progressive manufacturing technology, the sticks become continually smaller but at the same time, are able to save an ever higher data volume. Hideshi Hamaguchi was significantly involved in the development of the robust data carrier and now has over 15 years of experience in concept development for various industries.

Hamaguchi graduated with a Bachelor of Science in chemical engineering from Kyoto University. He began his career at Panasonic in Japan and later became director of the New Business Planning Group at Panasonic Electric Works and then executive vice president of Panasonic Electric Works Laboratory of America. In 1993, he developed Japan’s first corporate Intranet and at the same time, took over the lead of the concept development for the first USB flash drive. Today, he is Executive Fellow at Ziba Design and CEO at monogoto. Hideshi Hamaguchi is considered a leading mind in creative concept and strategy development on both sides of the Pacific. For clients such as FedEx, Polycom and M-System, he has led the development of several award-winning projects.

Submission still possible until 9 February
This year, Hideshi Hamaguchi will be part of the expert panel of the Red Dot Award: Product Design and will help to seek out the best products of the year. Until 9 February 2018, designers and manufacturers have the opportunity to register their products. From then on, the decision will be up to the jury which tests, discusses and assesses each product live and on site. Thereby, Hideshi Hamaguchi puts emphasis on the easy handling and the simplicity of the submissions as his recipe for success says: “All I need is less.”

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