Red Dot Award: Design Concept

Nominees for the Red Dot: Luminary

Announcement of the winner of the highest distinction in the Red Dot Award: Design Concept on 7 October

The best design concepts of 2020 will be unveiled on 7 October at the end of the two-day award ceremony. The winning designers and design teams will be honoured for their achievements and from 6 October 2020. Their winning moments and celebratory moments will be available online at

4,170 design concepts, design research projects and prototypes were submitted by companies, design studios, research institutes and designers from 52 countries this year. Five extraordinary concepts, which received the Red Dot: Best of the Best for their outstanding design, were nominated as candidates for the Red Dot: Luminary. This is considered the highest distinction awarded within the Red Dot Award: Design Concept. The Red Dot: Luminary serves as inspiration and role model.

Robotic Prosthetic Knee

One of the nominees in the category "Bionics" is the robotic knee prosthesis Robotic Prosthetic Knee from BionicM from Japan. This innovative, motor-powered knee prosthesis is designed for above-knee amputees and helps them to regain their body functions. Users can conduct everyday activities with reduced physical pain. The Robotic Prosthetic Knee is supported by an electrical motor that generates an assistive torque and easily provides the force required for walking, climbing stairs and navigating slopes.

Deployable Emergency Shelter

In the category "Sports and Leisure", Deployable Emergency Shelter is nominated for the Red Dot: Luminary, a concept by Samuel Barratt and Henry Glogau, both currently working at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen. The design concept explores how snow capture can be used as a natural insulator and protective layer in extremely cold environments through a frictional origami skin and lightweight lattice structure. The emergency shelter design takes advantage of these extreme conditions rather than fighting against them. The shelter can be deployed in seconds and achieves a difference of 24°C between indoor and outdoor temperatures.


One nominee for the Red Dot: Luminary in the category "Communication Technology" is EDNA, a concept from Intuity Media Lab GmbH from Germany. EDNA is an ecosystem for production processes. As a modular ecosystem of networked software and machine components, it represents the future of networked production operations. The concept offers transparency and process optimisation between self-controlling objects in real time. The EDNA universe contains user interfaces for ML modules, data visualisation as well as IdD and cloud solutions, all with a uniform appearance and feel.

Metabolist Regenaration of a Dementia Nation

Nominated in the category “Architecture” is the design concept Metabolist Regenaration of a Dementia Nation. In his animated film, the designer Jerome Ng Xin Hao from Singapore sketches an alternative vision for the Golden Mile Complex in Singapore, a listed apartment block and an important icon of the 1970s metabolism that is about to be demolished. In this vision, the building will be saved, preserving Singapore's threatened urban infrastructure and allowing new and existing residents to gather new memories while making room for the past. Behind the film is a call to resist power structures, as they can easily erase urban memories.


Lotus - Next Generation NICU, designed by Philips Experience Design in the United States and the Netherlands, is nominated in the category "Interaction and User Experience" also for the highest distinction in the competition. Due to various factors, such as noise and light exposure, which have an impact on physical and neurological development, a NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) can be a very stressful environment for parents and newborns. The nominated developmental care model is designed to protect the physical, psychological and emotional vulnerabilities of the newborn and its parents, improving long-term outcomes and alleviating chronic conditions.

Online awarding ceremony on 6 and 7 October 2020

The winners of the Red Dot Award: Design Concept 2020 will be honored for their achievements during the online awarding ceremony on 6 October, 2020, and their moments of victory and celebration will be presented. Those who receive the Red Dot: Luminary will be unveiled online on 7 October, 2020 at 6:00 p.m. SGT.