Appreciation for continuous excellence - Red Dot: Agency of the Year

The title “Red Dot: Agency of the Year” is not one that can be applied for: Only those who puts up with above-average design achievements on consistant bases, can be chosen to be the Red Dot: Agency of the Year. Last year the advertising agency’s creative staff secured the title of honour with their extraordinary communication campaigns. In addition to their continuous successes over the past years, a total of 16 Red Dot awards and 4 Red Dot: Best of the Best awards in 2015 are proof of their achievements.

Communication solutions focus on people

People, Purpose, Participation, Popularity – by redefining the four Ps of marketing, Leo Burnett has succeeded in holding its own in the agency industry. Marketing: For the makers of Leo Burnett, it’s much more than mere advertising. “We have always put people and not brands at the heart of what we do. And that is exactly why we see ourselves as a brand management agency: ‘Creativity has the power to transform human behaviour’ is a guiding principle of Leo Burnett. The influence of human behaviour on brands has grown exponentially in recent years due to digitalisation. We use the view of human behaviour to benefit the brand and make it successful”. This is how Andreas Pauli, Chief Creative Officer of Leo Burnett, explains the way the agency network works.

Interactive campaign helps drivers during the parking process

The campaign “The Interactive Parking Billboard” from Leo Burnett was awarded with the Red Dot: Best of the Best in 2015. It was created for Fiat and presents the parking assistent system for the italian automobile manufacturer in a funny and interactive way. On the streets of a major German city it was demonstrated live just how easy parking can be with this system. The highlight of the campaign: Real people on digital billboards directed the parking process and applauded after the driver had manoeuvred the car successfully into the parking space, spreading a good mood. The individual video sequences were played back following a script so that the distance between the hands of the filmed actors precisely matched the distance to the car behind.

Call to the international creative scene

With the tagline “In Search for Good Design and Creativity” communication designers, marketing experts and young talents from all over the world are once again invited to submit their outstanding projects and campaigns to the Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2016. From Corporate Design and Apps to Retail Design, the search is on for excellent communication solutions in the design industry. In addition to the featured campaign from the field “Advertising” there are another 20 categories available for participants to prove their talent and be assessed in an international context.

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