Audience interaction as part of successful channel branding

Last year, the new design of the television station France 4 was honoured with the Red Dot: Grand Prix in the category film & animation. The advertising agency Gédéon realigned the entertainment channel for music, movies, series and art formats as a true cross-media platform while setting a focus on the interaction with the audience.

The audience participates through its own app in the new branding of France 4

For example a special bond between the young audience and the TV channel was created by using viewer tweets for various promotions. The concept of interaction even included an app so that the public can send in own images and movie scenes. Successful image creations of the spectators are then being played as commercial breaks and the users receive credit for their clips. The Red Dot jury was particularly impressed by the possibilities for viewers to connect with the broadcaster and even contribute content. This leads to a surprising, humorous and ever-changing design of high quality.

Wanted: top-achievements of the international communication design scene

This year, communication designers, marketing experts and young talents from around the world are again invited to submit their outstanding projects and campaigns to the competition. For the Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2016 the search is on for creative communication solutions in the design industry. The regular registration phase runs until 12 May 2016.