Award-winning design and its makers: the fire extinguisher “Saviore”

In February, 39 experts from all over the world convened in Essen to assess thousands of objects for the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2017 in a process spanning several days. Only designs that won over the jury with their high design quality were awarded the sought-after distinction “Red Dot”, and the best of them received the highest award “Red Dot: Best of the Best” – among them: the fire extinguisher “Saviore” by ZINIZ, designed by Pei-Lun Sung.

Stylish safety
A fire extinguisher should exist in every household, since it can save lives. However, these devices are often not particularly prestigious, which is why they are stored out of sight. The development of Saviore fundamentally questioned the design of fire extinguishers in order to put forth a new form and functionality. Minimalist and with clear lines, Saviore has the appeal of a decorative sculpture. It features highquality surfaces, which come in a choice of different colours and glossy or matte finishing. In this way, this fire extinguisher can be very well customised to different interiors and individual styles.

Based on a useroriented concept, it opens and locks in an impressively easy way. It is filled with a non-toxic extinguisher agent that is suitable for fires of types A, B and C. In case of an emergency, it is self-explanatory, reliable and entirely easy to use, thus complying with high safety standards. Another extremely functional and, for this type of product, innovative feature is the mounting system with powerful magnets. It allows an uncomplicated wall mounting as well as quick access. The fire extinguisher gains a new identity with Saviore – pathing the way to a stylish, appealing furnishing item.
Red Dot: Best of the Best for Saviore

The Red Dot jury stated: „ The Saviore fire extinguisher fascinates with a refreshingly new design. With its clear, elegant form it appears like a desirable design object for the home. Thanks to its choice of colours and the matte or glossy surface, it consistently blends in with individual interiors. Its functional construction is sophisticated in design, since it can be opened and refilled like a tube. The magnetic mounting system allows easy installation and removal.” The jury awarded the Red Dot: Best of the Best for this outstanding design achievement. Red Dot spoke with the designer Pei-Lun Sung.

Red Dot: What was your goal when you designed Saviore?
Pei-Lun Sung: Not only to design for beauty but also truly to solve the disadvantages of the fire extinguisher.

Is there a product that you have always dreamed about realising someday?
I wish I could design something which could save the earth from pollution caused by humans.

Do you have a role model?
Philippe Starck. I hope I can become as famous and able as him. I would like to work with top design teams and manufacturers around the world in different sectors, and then try to create unique and forward-looking design.

Publication of the products and tribute to the winners
The award ceremony will take place on Monday, 3 July 2017. During the Red Dot Gala in Essen’s Aalto-Theater, the laureates of the top award, the “Red Dot: Best of the Best” will be recognised – among them Kartell, Audi, Artemide, Hansgrohe, Bora, Electrolux, LG, Canyon Bicycles, Philips, Puma, Niessing, Apple and Bose. Afterwards, the prize winners and the guests will celebrate together in the Red Dot Design Museum in the midst of the award-winning products at the Designers’ Night. From this day, all award-winning products will also be presented on Red Dot Online and in the Red Dot Design Yearbook.

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