Awarded design invites for barbecue

A barbecue is not just a simple and economic way to organise a festivity for a variety of people: It has become a culinary cult, accompanied by an increasing range of high quality products, barbecue accessories and portable entertainment systems.

In this year's Red Dot Award: Product Design, the charcoal barbecue CONE was awarded with a "Red Dot". CONE offers effective heat regulation, equivalent to the function of a gas barbecue. After the barbecue, CONE transforms into an outdoor fireplace. A cozy atmosphere also exudes the Red Dot-winning FireGlobe. The fire bowl is sculpturally shaped and provides a comfortable warmth during long evenings under the open sky. With the highest single award "Red Dot: Best of the Best", the umbrella OM was awarded. OM has a unique rotation system, which allows a variety of usages: umbrella, windbreak or partition. TransSpeakers, which received a "Red Dot", are the appropriate musical accompaniment of long barbecues. The futuristic shaped speaker columns are arbitrarily mouldable and the mount for mobile phone or tablet at once.

Since barbecue is becoming increasingly popular in public places or at open-air events, the DropBucket is an efficient way to provide sufficient waste bins and to hold public barbecue areas clean. DropBucket is a foldable container made of cardboard, which can be deployed with one hand only. This design was awarded with the "Red Dot: Best of the Best".

With 31 product categories, the Red Dot Award: Product Design complies with the increasing importance of design in different areas of life. Thus, international manufacturers are given the opportunity to identify and use design as a basis for a successful corporate strategy. Due to an active examination of the design process, producers can also respond to lifestyle trends and position themselves better in the international market.

ยป Red Dot Award: Product Design