Awarded designers on design quality

In this years’ product competition, 81 products out of 4,928 submissions were distinguished with the highest single award "Red Dot: Best of the Best". Red Dot talked to some people behind the winning products. Selected statements on their understanding of design quality are available here.

Mathias Seiler, Girsberger Holding AG
G 125, Wooden Swivel Chair

“Man does not require much. What we need should, however, be of the best quality. Design can make a contribution by making products better and more desirable.”

Cornelius Müller-Schellhorn, König + Neurath AG
MOVE.ME, Mobile Conference and Meeting Concept

“An innovative idea, that uses materials responsibly and sparingly, that is selfexplanatory in its use, whose design is comprehensible and logical as well as passionate and precise in its details.”

Coloplast Design Team
SpeediCath Compact Eve, Single-Use Female Catheter

“When every detail has been considered and these details have been converted into a perfect, useful design.”

Marec Hase and Paulo Mesquita, HASE BIKES
Kross, Trike with E-Engine

“Good design is the perfect balance between what people need and how people feel about the products.”

RØDE New Product Development Team
NTR, Microphone

“Product quality ultimately comes down to fit for purpose and reliability. The actual and implicit functionality, combined with appropriate visual language for the product category, should convey and reinforce its nature and functional aspects.”

Toshiyuki Yasunaga, Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. and Kazumasa Sasanami, GK Dynamics Incorporated
MT-07, Motorcycle

“Firstly, beauty and user-friendliness; secondly, offering a new value; thirdly, longevity and fourthly, creating great excitement.”

Ponsse Oyj, LINK Design and Development Oy
Ponsse Scorpion, Forest Machine

“Quality stands for taking responsibility for the customer. When it comes to forest machines, quality and reliability are the keys to success, not only in terms of productivity, but also considering the safety of users. We do not take any chances with them. The design of a forest machine not only refers to its look. Appropriate design is pivotal for the operability of the machine.”

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