Awarded designers on their design approach

Which certain design approach pursue successful designers? Red Dot talked to some people behind the products which were distinguished with the highest single award "Red Dot: Best of the Best" in this years’ product competition. Selected statements are available subsequently.

Andreu Carulla, Andreu Carulla Studio
OM, Sunshade

"We try to reinvent ourselves in every project. Our goal is to find an adequate solution for our clients and for user needs."

Valentin Vodev, VELLO bike
VELLO bike, folding bicycle

"I always try to take a novel, previously unexplored approach in my designs. This mostly results in unconventional solutions, which I can then turn into innovations. In my opinion, design is a mixture of logic, aesthetics and art."

Markus Hachmeyer from Schwalbe and Oliver Zuther from Syntace GmbH
Dual Chamber System

"The priority is always function, performance and durability of the product. That is why we make no or only marginal compromises in this respect."

Jasper Den Dekker, REV’IT! Sport International
REV’IT! Seeflex, Motorcycle Limb Protection

"Experience and knowledge are important tools but as a designer it is my duty to challenge myself and avoid repetition. This approach stimulates innovative thinking throughout the whole design process whilst allowing me to keep a keen eye on basic design principles."

Jake Lah, Helinox Inc
Lite Cot, Lightweight Foldable Cot

"I try to listen to the voices of users first and build up wish lists for the respective product. Then I use a process of elimination, deciding what needs to be given up in order to achieve a certain key objective. In the end, I come up with the solution that I believe will fulfil the highest number of things on the wish list."

Diego Recchia, Samsonite Design & Development Team
Lite-Biz Cabin-Size Luggage

"Our aim is to design products that communicate something, that make things better, that make people think or laugh instead of designing products with a nice shape but without a soul."

Klemens Moeslinger, Sian Thomas, Horst Huebner, Claudia Roos, Kathrin Merz from Triumph International AG
Triumph Magic Wire, Bra

"Always push the boundaries and be first, but keep consumer excitement uncompromisingly at the heart of all our designs."

Flavio Manzoni, Ferrari Design
Ferrari FXX K, Sports Car

"Designing a new Ferrari calls for indispensable elements such as audacity, sensitivity, and the visionary ability that is paramount in anticipating natural evolution. Another fundamental prerequisite is the relentless quest for a design that should translate the technical value of the product into an artistic shape."