Babies & children: Design for comfort and safety

Parents have only one premise: the child's welfare. This claim requires products that combine the latest technology with the current knowledge about the child's needs expressed in an innovative design. This high design quality is represented by "Red Dot" awarded products. Therefore, the seal of approval is not only a flagship for manufacturers, but also helps the consumer to select the best products.

For example the silicone teat "Minbie" which supports the child while changing from breast to bottle feeding. For this purpose, the teat is based on the form of a mother’s breast. This realisation has been praised by the Red Dot jury. "Minbie" tapers slightly upwards and becomes flatter so that it lies tight on the palate. The slightly off-centre position of the mouthpiece and a small bulge on the tongue side, helps the baby to orientate and to stabilise whilst drinking.

The infant car seat "i-Gemm" stands for safety and convenience, protecting the head, neck and chest of the baby in particular: "The maxim of greatest safety, which applies to child seats, defines the functional design of the infant seat which at the same time offers a high degree of comfort for the child", emphasised the Red Dot jury. This high safety level is ensured by the “Tri-Protect” headrest. Using a multi-layer protection principle and a specific memory foam reduces the risk of an injury. The newborn’s comfort is provided by an infant insert, soft harness pads, a cover extension as well as the easily adjustable headrest.

The baby monitor "Avent uGrow Smart" enables parents to receive a video and audio livestream from the child’s room to smartphones or tablet PCs - at home or in transit. Therefore, all settings can be controlled via an app. A reliable connection is ensured by the "SafeConnect" technology, whereby the bandwidth between the networks will be optimised automatically. The baby monitor supports up to ten cameras and also offers additional functions such as multicolour night light as well as humidity and temperature monitoring. The Red Dot jury was enthusiastic: "The uGrow delights with its modern technology and a form, which is reduced to the essentials and integrates unnoticeably in every nursery."

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