“BIKE | DESIGN | CITY”: exhibition with Red Dot awarded products in Switzerland

Good design undergoes continuous change and optimisation. This is perfectly illustrated by the history of the bicycle – from dandy horse to high wheeler to the classic bike with chain drive. In recent years, the bicycle is gaining importance as an expression of a new urban lifestyle, against the backdrop of a growing awareness of health, sustainability and environmental protection. For decades, the car was the epitome of independence and fast locomotion, but nowadays bikes have become a new symbol of flexibility and speed in urban areas. Advances in electric bikes are also accelerating this process.

With the exhibition “BIKE | DESIGN | CITY”, Gewerbemuseum Winterthur in Switzerland takes a look at the wide variety of bike scenes in evidence today, explores cycling’s rich development potential for urban transport and examins some possible future scenarios. Until 30 July 2017, the exposition presents among others excellent design products, some of which are Red Dot winners.

The exhibited items include the Red Dot: Luminary winner “Copenhagen Wheel” by Superpedestrians: If you want to transform your regular bike into an electric bike, you just replace the rear wheel with the red smart wheel and your own pedomotive performance will be increased. The needed safety is ensured by the “Closca Fuga” foldable helmet from Spain which easily fits into any bag after usage and was awarded with the Red Dot in 2015.

“The puristic design, as expressed through the frame with its user-friendly integrated components and quality materials, skilfully reflects the high demands placed on the urban bike by the designers”, stated the jury in 2015 with regard to the “Commuter” by Canyon Bicycles and granted it the Red Dot for good design quality. The “M4 Bike Kit”, which received the Red Dot in 2016” is also on show in the Suisse exhibition. The light and intuitive-to-use mounting system for smartphones by Seven Media Systems allows at the same time safe and aesthetic protection.

The exhibition “BIKE l DESIGN l CITY” is among others completed by photographs from the “we are traffic” series by Björn Lexius and Till Gläser, drawings by René Zäch and a preview of the new comic book “Tour de Suisse” by Marc Locatelli and Martin Born with illustrations by more than thirty of Switzerland’s finest cartoonists.

Exhibition “BIKE l DESIGN l CITY”
until 30 July 2017

Gewerbemuseum Winterthur
Kirchplatz 14
CH - 8400 Winterthur

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