Contemporary Good Design

Call for entries

Call for entries: Contemporary Good Design Award

From 10 July 2020 until the end of October, the Contemporary Good Design Award officially calls for entries. Manufacturers and designers from around the world are invited to submit their products that were manufactured in an industrial production process before 1 December 2020 to the competition.

International, Professionalism and Fairness

Since the competition was introduced in 2015, Contemporary Good Design has been successfully held for five consecutive years, and has accumulatively received submissions from more than 30 countries and regions around the globe. With the expertise of more than six decades and resources in operating a world-leading design award, Red Dot organises the competition that is based in China, is in charge of the whole judging process and guarantees its internationality, professionalism and fairness in the evaluation of the submitted products.

Successful participants

Last year, a total of 873 design works were nominated. In the end, 174 were awarded as “Winner” while only 14 got the distinction ”Gold Winner”. Among the award-winning designs, there are international brands including Audi, BMW, Baidu, Lenovo, Dell, Siemens and TCL. At the same time, many design-driven and innovative Chinese brands such as Roidmi, 1MORE and Intretech also received the accolade.

Awarded products from previous years, such as the T1 Mini Tea Set, Meditation Seat “Ware”, the Halo City Electric Bike and the Asthma Protector could already profit from their accolades – they are successfully established in their industry on the market.

Winners enjoy international attention through the Winner Service

2019, “China Good Design” became “Contemporary Good Design”, positioning itself as an international competition. One of the most important changes in this “era 2.0” is the customised Winner Service, including winners exhibitions, product and brand promotions, PR activities and sales support. Up to 14 benefits are available to draw worldwide attention to the design quality of the products and the award winners.

In the past five years, the Contemporary Good Design Award has organised global exhibitions, including Germany, Italy, Spain, Malta, South Korea, and in cities such as Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Taipei. Moreover, the permanent exhibition l “Design Elements” in Red Dot Design Museum Xiamen was set up. Events including design forums, design matchmaking, the Designers’ Night and other industry communication and exchanging activities have been held, providing diverse networking opportunities.

Digital jury session and award ceremony in 2020

Nine international Red Dot jurors form the jury of the Contemporary Good Design Award 2020. In a first step, they adjust the products online. The nominated entries will be delivered to Xiamen for an on-site approval. where the winners of the Contemporary Good Design Award 2020 will be announced, too. Due to COVID-19, this year’s award ceremony will be held online on 18 December Prof. Dr. Peter Zec, founder and CEO of Red Dot, will open the online event with a speech. Winners from all over the world can celebrate their success by attending online events.