"China Good Design": top-class jury is certain

In 2015, the first independent design competition for the People’s Republic of China based on the strict statutes of Red Dot is conducted with "China Good Design". Since 60 years, Red Dot stands for best performances in design. This success is based among other things on the excellent work of the jury who tests, discusses and evaluates each individual submission on site. To transfer this high level of quality on "China Good Design" and to ensure the validity of the new winner label, the heart of the new competition is also formed by an international and independent team of experts.

The first high-level "China Good Design" jury consists of international and Chinese design experts. Among them are long-time Red Dot jurors as well as prominent personalities of the Chinese design scene. This unique compilation ensures that global and regional design values are taken into account. The renowned jurors include:

Gordon Bruce (USA)
Gordon Bruce from the US knows companies and brands, that are on a path to success, like no other. As a consultant for companies like Samsung and Lenovo, he spent many years providing important impetus for their design development.

Martin Darbyshire (Great Britain)
Martin Darbyshire is founder and CEO of the design studio tangerine and is known for some of the most recognisable products, like British Airway’s “S”-shaped Business Class seats. An early client was Apple Inc. One of his former collaborate is Apple’s Chief Design Officer Jonathan Ive as well as Don-tae Lee, head of Samsungs’ global design team.

Aleksandar Tatic (Germany/Italy)
The product designer is the founder of Tatic Designstudio in Milan, Italy. He is known for the designs of sailing yachts, sporting goods, power tools, FMCGs and consumer electronics for European and Asian premium brands. Moreover, he lectures practice-oriented industrial design and innovation management at various European universities and seminars.

Prof. Jure Miklavc (Slovenia)
Jure Miklavc has 20 years of experience in the field of design. His design consultancy Studio Miklavc works in the field of product design, visual communications, brand development and is a consultancy for a variety of clients from light design, electronic goods, user interfaces, transport design to medical equipment. Since 2005, he is a permanent lecturer and head of industrial design at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana.

Prof. Dr. Ken Nah (Korea)
The professor for Design Management is as well the director of the Human Experience and Emotion Research (HE.ER) Lab at IDAS, Hongik University, Seoul. Dr. Nah has been very active in spreading the value of design and design thinking through giving lectures to the decision makers in various sectors of Korea, publishing books in a reader-centered fashion.

Prof. Renke He (China)
Professor Renke is dean and professor of the School of Design at Hunan University in China and is also the director of the Chinese Industrial Design Education Committee. Currently, he holds the position of vice chair of the China Industrial Design Association.

Mårten Claesson (Sweden)
Mårten Claesson is co-founder of the Swedish design partnership “Claesson Koivisto Rune”, which is multidisciplinary in the classic Scandinavian way and pursues the practice of both architecture and design. Mårten Claesson is also a writer and lecturer in the field of architecture and design.

Liu Guanzhong (China)
Liu Guanzhong is one of the most important academic personalities of China in the field of industrial design. He served from 1974 to 1978 as an interior designer at the Beijing Construction Design Institute, mainly responsible for the lighting design of public buildings. In addition to numerous awards, he was awarded the silver prize of the ninth National Fine Arts Exhibition for his “Cellphone Conceptual Design”.

Prof. Xiaobo Lu (China)
Professor Xiaobo Lu is professor at the Academy of Arts and Design of Tsinghua University. He is president of China International Design Industry Union (CIDIU), and vice president of the China Industrial Design Association, a member of numerous associations in China, as well as a juror for many international competitions. Furthermore, he was guest researcher at Microsoft in Seattle/USA and is currently working for the Microsoft research in Asia.

Prof. Cheng-Neng Kuan (Taiwan)
Cheng-Neng Kuan is a full professor and the vice president of the Shih-Chien University, Taipei, Taiwan. His fields of expertise include design strategy and management as well as design theory and creation. Besides his academic activities, he is a consultant to major enterprises on product development and design strategy.

Prof. Song Kee Hong (China)
Professor Song Kee Hong has worked with numerous notable brands across industries, such as, Apple, B&O, Bauch & Lomb, Cisco, Dell, Intel, Lenovo, Mars, P&G, Philips, Sennheiser and WelchAllyn. His recent body of work includes Experience and Industrial Design for healthcare facilities, retail environments, digital interfaces, biomedical and equipments. Song Kee Hong is an associate professor and deputy head in the Industrial Design Division, National University of Singapore.

The registration phase for “China Good Design” 2015 is ongoing until 29 September. All submissions will be assessed by the international, independent expert jury. After a pre-selection by the jury, the nominated products will be judged and later displayed on site during the “Xiamen International Design Business Week - Red Dot in China 2015”. The fair will be held from 30 October until 2 November at the International Conference and Exhibition Center in Xiamen, China.

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