Red Dot Award: Communication Design

Created for kids

Colourful and clever: communication design for kids

The global population counts around 7.6 billion people. More than a quarter of them are younger than 15 years. Thus, the 1.9 billion children and adolescents make up an important target group for companies across the world. In order to win them over for products and services, communication designers need to follow different approaches than usual in their daily work. For kids, it can be more playful, imaginative and colourful, as they precisely know what they want already at an early stage. In the Red Dot Award: Communication Design, designers and companies regularly enthuse the jury with elaborate and creative works for the youngest target groups.

Changeable beverage packaging

The beverage packaging “Six Walnuts for Kids”, designed by Shenzhen Tiger Pan Packaging Design for Hebei Yangyuan Zhihui Beverage, was awarded with the Red Dot in 2018. The number six is part of the beverage’s name and associated with luck in China. In a horizontal position, the number was integrated into the cap of the packaging. Thus, the cap does not only enhance brand recognition and fulfil hygienic aspects but can also be used as a hook. It allows to hang up the bottle easily, for example on a kid’s backpack. As soon as the packaging, which shows four mischievous kids in shiny candy colours, is empty, it can be converted into a tumbler.

Modular corporate design

Likewise colourful is “Kita kinderzimmer” presented thanks to its corporate design which was reworked by agency loved from Hamburg. It “merges simplicity with joy and playfulness – exactly what distinguishes a day-care centre,” explained the Red Dot Jury. Inspired by kids, the facility’s friendly and emotional face was achieved. The simple logo was divided into single modules and converted into a construction kit, from which the corporate identity has been derived: more than 20 playful and vividly colourful icons illustrate various animals in a charming and highly child-oriented manner and ensure a coherent appearance across all media.

“The elements derived from the logo cleverly re-emerge in the various illustrations and icons, which not only lends the identity an overall appeal that is thoroughly coherent, clear and forms a unity, but which also promises joy and a lot of fun,” said the experts about the work and awarded it with the Red Dot: Best of the Best.

Brand identity with drive

Both children and adults shall feel addressed by the brand identity of the German balance bikes premium brand for kids, “Kokua”. When it came to China in 2015, it introduced the “Kokua Cup”, which is also reflected in the design. A consistent yet flexible design system and a Chinese logotype similar to the English version were designed by Boio from Shanghai in order to convey the brand’s values. The diamond-shaped brand motif in contrasting colours mirrors a tyre pattern, which attracts attention in combination with the new colouring and fonts. The illustration of a mascot, inspired by a cheetah cub, supplements the appearance.

Digital entertainment

Not only in the analogue but also in the digital field, well-designed and creative communications work enthuse the young target group as well as the experienced jury of the Red Dot Award, such as the Red Dot prize-winning entertainment app “ZDFtivi”. It allows to access the on-demand video platform for children offered by German broadcaster ZDF. It was relaunched with a responsive design and a strong focus on usability. This is why the navigation is made so easy that even non-readers can use it. The app enables to download videos, to sort and create own playlists or to subscribe to a chosen programme to get additional content. In their own section, parents can define different settings, such as limiting the time the child is allowed to spend on the app.

Addressing children appropriately

Another form of entertainment provides the prize-winning screen design of “Cheetah FriendBot”, a robot, that offers children educational and entertainment features. With the help of an incorporated voice dialogue system, it can communicate with the child in an appropriate manner, play with it, tell stories or promote interaction between parents and child. Moreover, the robot detects children performing potentially dangerous acts, such as climbing, and sends off a warning to the parents in time.

Increasing interaction in the class room

The “ClassFlow” educational software from NetDragon offers students the possibility to enhance classroom interaction, to learn more effectively and with greater motivation. It follows a gamification approach that is fun for children and gives them the chance to compete against each other during team competitions by simply linking multiple devices. Furthermore, they receive a direct feedback on their learning achievements and teachers can praise students with animations such as flying balloons. Furthermore, AR/VR materials turn abstract knowledge into an immersive teaching experience.

Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2019

When the Red Dot Award: Communication Design enters a new round on 4 March 2019, designers, agencies and companies from across the globe are called upon to put their design achievements to the test. Be it communications projects which appeal to children, grown-ups or even both groups, 17 categories are available for participants to register their projects in.

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