Indicator of good design thanks to its independent jury

Contemporary Good Design Award organised by Red Dot

The Contemporary Good Design Award offers a foothold and guidance on the Chinese market. The competition is organised by Red Dot and allows companies and designers to present their products to an internationally renowned and independent jury for assessment. Successful participants are permitted to use the label, which ensures product visibility on the Chinese market and provides guidance for Chinese customers. This makes the competition an important channel for Chinese companies that want to become established on the global market as well as for foreign companies intending to break into the Chinese market.

International, professional and unbiased

Professor Dr Peter Zec, founder and CEO of Red Dot says: “The competition has gained rapidly in significance since the early days. Of course its unique selling point is that it is an international benchmark”. As in past years, Red Dot is responsible for the judging in the Contemporary Good Design Award. With more than 60 years of experience and specialist knowledge in assessing design, Red Dot ensures fairness and professionalism and lends authority to the Contemporary Good Design Award.

Red Dot CEO Prof. Dr. Peter Zec extends an invitation to participate

Indicator for good design thanks to independent jury

The international jury for the Contemporary Good Design Award comprises twelve internationally respected experts, including journalists, professors and consultants. They assess the entries on the basis of criteria such as level of innovation, functionality, longevity and formal quality.

The competition is held in China. Thanks to its reputation as an independent competition, it has received entries from over 30 countries and regions around the world. Thousands of those entries have won distinctions, including entries from well-known firms like Audi, BMW, Baidu, Lenovo, Dell, Siemens and TCL as well as new brands driven by design innovation such as Intretech and Roidmi.

50 + 1: New ‘Smart Products’ metacategory

Since the competition started on 8 June 2022, participants have been able to enter their products in the new ‘Smart Products’ metacategory in addition to the 50 existing categories. Smart, digital products from all industries can be entered in this metacategory. If the product wins a distinction, this is proof that it successfully achieves the complex interaction between humans and technology in the age of Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things.

There are two steps to entering a product in the metacategory. First, the product is registered in one of the 50 traditional categories. Next, it can be entered additionally as a smart product. There are also two stages in the assessment by the international jury. The first assessment round focuses on the design as a whole, while the second round looks mainly at the product’s smart functions. This means that products registered in the ‘Smart Products’ metacategory are in with a chance of winning two distinctions.

Entry rules

Entry is open to manufacturers and designers from all over the world whose products are made using an industrial manufacturing process. The products must have already been launched on the market, and the market launch must have taken place within the past three years (December 2019). Entries can be registered on the website up until 14 October.

The entries will be assessed online by the jury in a first step. Those entries that pass the online judging will be inspected in situ in order to find the ultimate winners of the Contemporary Good Design Award 2022.

Winners Benefits

In addition to the use of the winner's label, the winners of the competition are entitled to further benefits: