Red Dot Award: Product Design

Awarded kitchen furniture and equipment

Cooking with style: awarded kitchen products

The kitchen is the centrepiece of every home. It has become a housing space where the residents not only cook and eat, but also live together. A classy furnishing as well as functional equipment serve like the additional pinch of salt that makes the lunch even more delicious. In the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2018, the manufacturers of kitchen furniture and equipment truly scored: with exciting material combinations, pure elegance and exceptional forms.

The geometry of good design

The kitchen sink “Blanco Artago” from BLANCO convinces with an impressive combination of the geometric elements square and circle. The round bowl with its square outer contour combines a special aesthetic with sophisticated comfort for everyday use. With a diameter of 440 mm and a depth of 190 mm, the bowl, which is made of the high-quality composite material Silgranit PuraDur, is very spacious. Depending on individual preferences, the mixer tap can be installed at the rear both on the right and left site.

“The basic geometric shapes of circle and square have merged in the Blanco Artago kitchen sink into a form language of expressive distinction. Balanced proportions and the perfect formal integration of all elements have led to a harmonious whole. All details, including functional surfaces as well as the different combinations of materials and colour, are highly inspiring. This timeless kitchen sink exudes an outstanding sense of quality,” says the Red Dot Jury which has given the highest distinction of the competition, the Red Dot: Best of the Best, for this outstanding design achievement.


Purist kitchen island

The kitchen island “SQR”, manufactured by BODI and designed by Daniel Pracht, presents itself as a purist cube that invites to cook, eat, celebrate and work. The worktop hides an induction cooker, appliance connections and storage spaces which can be noiselessly pulled out. By means of elegantly countersunk switch elements, the height can be adjusted ergonomically for every user. All functions can be operated intuitively. Additionally, the island, which was awarded the distinction “Red Dot”, takes up little space in small rooms due to its compact construction.

Using space optimally

Also the under-cabinet solution “Qanto” from Ninkaplast is suitable for kitchens with limited space. Two or three trays rise vertically on pressing a button and thus offer additional storage room. The linear-driven mechanism can also lift heavy objects and thus contributes to a convenient and ergonomic working environment. “Qanto impresses with its ingenious idea of making use of corner areas of built-in kitchens that are otherwise difficult to access. The implementation of the idea is formally as well as functionally successful,” says the jury about the Red Dot awarded product.

SlightLift: convincing use of light

The wall unit “SlightLift”, manufactured by Häcker Küchen and designed by Michael Dittberner and Jochen Flacke, convinced the jury with the successful use of light. To open it, the lower front is first slid vertically behind the upper one so that the unit is half open. An LED light band at the underside of the upper front illuminates the now visible cupboard. To open the board fully, both fronts are swung upwards. The light at the lower side switches off automatically, and the light inside the cupboard is activated.

Professional stove from LG

In the kitchen, it is not only about enough storage space, but also about the quality of the electrical devices. In this respect, the professional stove “LG Signature Kitchen Suite Pro Range” by LG Electronics proves to be first-class: its design focuses on the attributes of performance and aesthetics. The central element is the modular combination of gas burners, induction cooktop and a sous vide cooking system. The ergonomically designed handles and heavy control knobs are highly pleasant to the touch. Furthermore, high convenience is also provided by the intuitive-to-read LED display. Because the stove unites convenience, ergonomics and functionality in an impressive manner, the jury awarded the Red Dot: Best of the Best.

Made of glass: “MetalLook Hood”

The special feature of the extractor hood “MetalLook Hood”, manufactured by Arda Electric and designed by Arda Design Studio, is provided by the choice of material for the frontal design. What appears to be brushed stainless steel is actually glass: the material Schott MetalLook used here combines the high aesthetic value of metal with the functional advantages of glass surfaces. The angle between the control panel and baffle plate is 150 degrees, enhancing not only the operation, but also enlarging the extraction zone and thus the efficiency of the hood.

Individual refrigerator

“With the option of changing the front of the refrigerator, Vario Style offers completely new possibilities for individualising – the refrigerator becomes flexibly integrated into the colour world of the living environment,” says the Red Dot Jury about the Red Dot winner “BOSCH Vario Style”. The refrigerators from Robert Bosch Hausgeräte are offered in 19 different colours – among them, for instance, espresso brown or bright cherry red. The fronts are made using high-quality materials and finishes. Fitting is quick and uncomplicated by means of hooks and magnets.

Competition enters a new round on 15 October

On 15 October 2018, the Red Dot Award: Product Design enters a new round: from this day on, manufacturers and designers can hand in their innovations to the international competition. Not only manufacturers of kitchen appliances can take part. From luminaires to medical devices to robots – for the registration, 48 different categories are available.

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