Red Dot Award: Design Concept

Design Teams Celebrate 2020 Achievements

Design teams celebrate their outstanding award-winning achievements

A design concept being awarded a Red Dot is akin to obtaining a quality seal for design that sets them apart from the rest in the field. Only the best design concepts by companies, design studios, research institutions and designers were being recognised for their design merit by the Red Dot Jury. Winners were celebrated online this year. Celebratory moments were captured, sent to the award and then were presented during the two day award celebration. They were notified with their Red Dot Certificates while Red Dot Trophies have been given to this year’s Red Dot: Best of the Best winners.

Quality of the idea and design solution matters

“In this unique competition, every project is professionally evaluated independent of the participant. The jury does not give consideration if a project is submitted by the design team of a prominent brand or a student team from a university. Only the quality of the idea and design solution counts.” Explains Mr. Ken Koo, Asia President of Red Dot.

This year, 56% of the awardees involved professional teams from companies and design studios while the remaining 44% comprised of universities and designers. This is testament to the fair assessment where winning design projects were awarded only because it had excelled against a very high benchmark of design excellence.

Culminating to results and celebration

Winners were notified with their Red Dot Certificates while Red Dot Trophies have been given to this year’s Red Dot: Best of the Best winners. Among the Red Dot: Best of the Best winners, 5 exceptional design concepts were nominated for the highest achievement given at the competition, the Red Dot: Luminary. Celebratory moments were captured, sent to the award and then were presented during the 2 day award celebration. Culminating to the announcement of results, none of the winners knew who will win the highest achievement at the award this year.

Highest achievement accorded at Red Dot Award for Design Concept

The Red Dot: Luminary is the highest level of recognition accorded at the Red Dot Award: Design Concept. It serves as an inspiration to aspire towards.

The 5 exceptional nominees include Robotic Prosthetic Knee by BionicM Inc., an innovative motor-powered prosthetic knee joint that is designed for above knee amputees to restore their physical functions; Deployable Emergency Shelter by Samuel Barratt & Henry Glogau, an emergency shelter which utilises snow capture as a natural insulator and protective layer through fractional origami surfaces; EDNA by Intuity Media Lab GmbH, an industrial modular ecosystem of interconnected softwares and machine components that enables transparency and real-time process optimisation; Metabolist Regeneration of a Dementia Nation by Jerome Ng Xin Hao, a film speculating an alternative vision of an important Metabolist urbanism icon in Singapore, the Golden Mile Complex, and Lotus - Next generation NICU by Philips Experience Design, a holistic neonatal intensive care unit solution that provides the best care for the baby to improve long-term health outcomes.


Announcement of 2020 Red Dot: Luminary by Kazuo Tanaka, Red Dot Juror

Red Dot: Luminary winner 2020

Robotic Prosthetic Knee by BionicM Inc., from Japan is the winner for the Red Dot: Luminary 2020. Their cutting-edge innovation helps amputees restore their physical functions. Red Dot Juror, Mr Kazuo Tanaka explains “The Robotic Prosthetic Knee completely changes the concept of prostheses up to now. It is the fusion of body neural information and robot technology. As a result, the user can obtain a natural walking sensation that is completely different from that of a conventional artificial leg. What's more, its appearance is fashionable and gives the user pride.”

Reference to the best in design

Winning works for Red Dot Award: Design Concept 2020 can be found at the online exhibition for a year. Also opening at the Red Dot Design Museum Singapore is the Winners’ Exhibition for Design Concept. The museum overlooks the waterfront promenade along Singapore’s Marina Bay. Red Dot Design Yearbook for Design Concept 2020/2021 will also be available. The yearbook and exhibition are traditions of the Red Dot Design Award, providing designers with a reference to the best in design.