Red Dot Award: Product Design

Award-winning office designs

Excellent working atmosphere: Red Dot awarded offices

Productivity depends on the comfort factor at the work place. Therefore, it is all the more worthwhile to create offices which invite to focused working and social interaction at the same time. Whether open-plan, individual or home office – the employer should ensure that his employees like to spend their time in the rooms in order to deliver top performances. Many companies already delight their teams with unconventional solutions. From furniture based on a modular principle which adapt to different project conditions and wireless charging stations at the desk to green walls which are completely covered with plants to rest areas – office design should always adapt to the individual needs of the staff and the firm. In the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2019, the jury awarded a Red Dot to office designs from the category “Interior architecture and interior design” which realised this in a smart way. 

Combining sustainability and aesthetics

For the International Sustainable Chemistry Collaborative Centre in Bonn, Stefanie Jörgens designed offices meeting stringent building biology regulations. “This design concept, which focuses on delivering a healthy work environment, manages to combine ecology and sustainability with classic aesthetics,” explains the Red Dot Jury its decision. The interior design concept “Material & design as an expression for transformation” adheres to a fully recyclable material culture. Furniture made of natural materials such as bog oak, steel, new wool, cotton and natural latex create a pleasant room climate from which the employees profit. And not only this: The design furthermore convinces with clarity and pureness.

Balance between history and modernity

The office rooms of AD Architecture “Penetrating Perception, Concealing Power” also convinced the jury with simplicity. They are characterised by especially high walls. In order to maintain the loft character of the old building, black paintwork, cement floors, construction elements made of steel and iron as well as dark grey steel panels, which echo the original surrounding, are used. In order to profit from the high walls of the building and the industrial look of the rooms, it comes without partitions and ornamenting embellishments. “This office is a winning solution to presenting a powerful interior design that skilfully adapts a historic building to a contemporary use,” summarises the jury.

Fostering innovation and inspiration

As much as the other two Red Dot winners, the concept of the BMW Startup Garage ideally suits the requirements of the company. Thus, BMW’s research and technology centre demanded offices which foster innovation and inspiration. Christopher Black and Sebastian Ritzler from gravity therefore created a stratified room-in-room concept with a spacious atrium, different co-working spaces, which invite to brainstorm, and a large meeting area. As the workspaces are located at different levels within the rooms, visual and acoustic privacy is ensured in this open-plan space. Due to the fact that the openly designed BMW Startup Garage invites to a creative exchange on the one hand, but offers possibilities of retreat on the other, it has been awarded a Red Dot in the competition.

Expressing corporate values

“The Aekyung Tower attracts attention with its consistent and holistic design concept that skilfully reflects the company’s values,” says the jury about the headquarters of Aekyung, which were designed by INNOCEAN Worldwide and CA Plan. In order to promote achieving common goals, these rooms are orientated towards togetherness. They fit the corporate slogan “Share the Life”, give employees a sense of belonging and urge them to communicate. The building complex not only includes offices, but also further commercial space and a hotel.

Honouring of the laureates on 8 July

The makers of the best design achievements of the year, among them also the creators of the four offices, will be duly celebrated within the framework of the award ceremony on 8 July. While the winners of the Red Dot: Best of the Best will be honoured on stage of Essen’s Aalto-Theater, the award-winners of the distinctions “Red Dot” and “Honourable Mention” receive their well-deserved certificates during the Designers’ Night. This event is not just the after-show party but also grants guests an exclusive preview of the three special exhibitions, which represent the achievements of the successful designers and companies: While “Design on Stage 2019” shows well-designed products from every area of daily life, “Milestones in Contemporary Design 2019” presents top class industrial design. The exhibition shows all of the objects which received a Red Dot: Best of the Best. The overview of the state of the art in product design is completed by the self-designed exhibition of the Red Dot: Design Team of the Year 2019. From 12 July, all three presentations will be on show in the Red Dot Design Museum Essen.