Film and animation: designing moving images

In the era of Big Data, an increasing presence of advertising can be reported among others. Not only in the analogue world there is a competition to win the clients‘ favour but also in the digital world, using different channels. Banners and ad clips are ever-present and users bored by the permanent sensory overload. In order to attract attention and stage content skilfully in this highly competitive advertising market, creative minds come up with original ideas again and again. In connection with huge events like the Superbowl the competition on the advertising market sees its highpoint. Besides the halftime show of the US sports event, the advertising spots are legendary.

Advertising spot with humour
But in regular TV and cinema operation, too, some spots evolve into stars. They entertain the viewer, mesmerise him or her and convey their message in a smart way. This happened in the “Forest of Fries”, a promotion, which was designed by the agencies Leo Burnett and thjnk for McDonald’s Germany. All those who think that the fries of the fast food chain are made from wood and sawdust, bark up the wrong tree. With irony and an eye for the most absurd details, the agency’s brains dispel this myth by granting insights into the production process – from cultivating the trees to handcraft processing in a carpenter’s workshop to the packaging of the fries. The Red Dot Jury rated the Red Dot: Best of the Best awarded spot as “not only funny as an idea, but also a brilliant cinematic example of how quality can be represented.”

Building on the power of imagination
The online clip “Brick Imagination” stages the product promise of Röben Tonbaustoffe equally excellent. Under the motto “You have the ideas. We have the bricks to do so”, the agency Kopfkunst designed several advertising videos which illustrate the creative latitude offered by the company’s product range. The campaign plays with changing perspectives and optical illusions in order to stimulate the betrayer’s imagination and illustrate that everything is possible.

Animation – designing digital realities
The field of animation offers designers a creative playground where there are nearly no boundaries for imagination. With the help of latest computer technology, they design digital realities and bring objects, data and much more to life. The music video for “Dust My Shoulders Off” demonstrates how one designs moving images excellently. In the clip, singer Jane Zhang literally delves into the artworld and becomes a part of famous paintings which blend into each other in an impressive way.

Art brought to life
Among others, the characters in Edward Hopper’s “Nighthawks” become alive and the famous bar scene melts into a self-portrait hanging on the wall. This shows van Gogh with his ear bitten off by Mike Tyson. A total of 12 paintings, which were animated by Grass Jelly Studio, which are cited in the music video which was designed by OUTERSPACE from Taiwan. To the music of Timbaland, the Chinese singer slips into various roles, among others Vermeer’s “Girl with a Pearl Earring” who suddenly starts to sing and dance. Not least the well-done connection of traditional aesthetics and the contemporary style of computer graphics enthused the Red Dot Jury in 2017, who found the music video “young, modern and smart”.

The diversity of moving images
In the Red Dot Award: Communication Design, designers, agencies and companies prove their creativity and design know-how on a regular basis. Whether short or long, for small or big budget, whether online, on TV or cinema screen – “Film & Animation” is one of 17 categories in which well-designed and creative projects can currently be submitted. The range includes trailers, short films, visual effects, animation, documentations, advertising spots and much more.

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