From the Red Dot Judging Hall to the slope: Red Dot awarded winter sports products

For some it is too cold to leave the house, for some it is the best to plunge into the deep snow – winter is here and thus the winter sports season. Skis, winter jackets and action cameras: in the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2018, lots of products were awarded that perfectly fit the cold time of the year. In a process spanning several days, 40 well-known experts discussed, tested and evaluated original entries individually and without a preselection.

Lightness for high climbs and long descents with the “Elan Ibex 84 Carbon xlt”
The “Elan Ibex 84 Carbon xlt” skis were awarded a Red Dot because of their stability and the low weight. For the skis the designers of Gigodesign and the manufacturer Elan used the re-engineered, tried and tested bridge construction: The solid wood core slopes from the ski centre to the edges and is reinforced by the hollow carbon tubes of TubeLite construction, which runs along both edges and the ski centre. Under the binding the VaporTip insert, which consists of a high-tech composite compound and an aluminium insert, provides for a secure hold of the binding. This particularly lightweight ski is suitable for skiers who are not put off by long climbs.

The ski jacket “Icon” by Helly Hansen for winteradventures in all weathers
Good for long descents is the ski jacket “Icon” by Helly Hansen. The H2Flow™-system for temperature regulation as well as the “Life Pocket” chest pocket for the mobile phone makes it a perfekt winter sport jacket and yield the designers the award “Red Dot: Best of the Best”. The special technology enhances the cooling efficiency of this jacket by 20 per cent, which means, that while exertion, the body temperature gets cooled down, whereby the jacket still warms when it is cold. “We do believe that the skier demographic will be the same in ten years, but we are increasingly challenged by the everchanging climate and the unpredictable weather patterns”, say the designers Philip Tavell, Anne Lise Kanestrøm, Katrine Jopperud and Ralf Kirner. The outside chest pocket is three times warmer than a regular chest outer pocket and thus preserves the mobile battery life span for longer. The colouring obtains a high visibility on dark and full slopes, while the design is still contemporary. “The design concept for this jacket is inspired by the masculine style of men’s tailoring mixed with strong futuristic aesthetics. The goal is for the wearer to feel powerful, masculine and stylish, while being protected from the elements”, the designer stresses the design.

Safety thanks to polycarbonat: the ski helmet “Z3”
The designer of the “Z3 Helmet” also dealt with air circulation. “The ski helmet Z3 appeals with a sophisticated ventilation system, which ensures that air can circulate evenly and that moisture can escape.”, the explains the awarding of the product with the Red Dot. The helmet features an outer shell made of high-strength polycarbonate and an inner shell made of polystyrene foam with a ventilated structure.

Keep a clear view with the ski goggles “Adidas progressor splite”
The Red Dot awarded ski goggles “progressor splite” by Adidas convinced the Red Dot jury most of all with it’s low weight and the large field of vision: It is weighing only 80 grams and makes visibility perfect thanks to the reduced frame. The innovative “Climacool” ventilation system, with integrated rib structure, provides efficient air circulation inside the goggles so that fogging up is reduced to a minimum.

Share spectacular descents with the “GoPro HERO5 Black”
Robust, waterproof and equipped with voice-activated operating controls. The action camera GoPro HERO5 Black convinced the Red Dot Jury 2017 because its suitable for every adventure. Also the technical properties let the hearts of winter sportsmen beat faster and are the reason for the Red Dot Jury to award it with a Red Dot: Best of the Best. The stabilised HD video recording function, stereo sound as well as a resolution of 12 MP make sharpe images possible, even on rapid descents. In deep snow particulary interesting is the waterproofed housing and the voice controle. Thus, gloves does not have to be taken off to controle the camera.

Perfectly prepared with the “PUMA Winterized Backpack”
To stow everything safe, even in the snow, PUMA has designed the “Winterized Backpack” as an ultralight, waterproof backpack. The innovative design of the backpack additionally convinces through high functionality and sophisticated ergonomics. “The goal was to create a waterproof backpack that contoured the runner’s body, fusing athlete and product whilst providing zoned ventilation. It was important that we achieved a balance between a clean aesthetic and the perfect volume whilst protecting gear from the elements.”, explains David McKenzie, the designer. Particularly interesting for rapid ski and snowboard descents are the lombard and sternum straps. Moreover, the padded, breathable mesh zoning on the back provides shock protection and comfort. For descents in the dark or night walks in the snow, the backpack offers reflective elements. “This extraordinary backpack is suited to everyday activities just as well as for spontaneous trips. It fascinates with clever and carefully realised details. The “PUMA Winterized Backpack” is extremely light, trendy in form and colour, and with a softness of material that wants to be touched. It is robust and waterproof. Highly functional and comfortable, it is a lot of fun to use”, says the Red Dot Jury 2017 and awards it with a Red Dot: Best of the Best.

Red Dot Award: Product Design 2018
The latest award year has already started: Until 16 January 2018, manufacturers and designer can register their products at the regular rate. “Latecomer” have until 9 February to enter the Red Dot Award: Product Design 20108. In March 2018, the Red Dot Jury will come together for a multi-day process to test and evaluate the products.

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