Gisbert Brunner and Rüdiger Bucher: concentrated expertise from the watch industry in the Red Dot Jury

This year, Gisbert Brunner and Rüdiger Bucher will once again be part of the Red Dot Jury, the heart of the Red Dot Award: Product Design. Their opinion is especially important for the category “Watches”.

Testing the design quality of watches
Whether fitness trackers, smartwatches or the classic analog wrist watches – they are not only practical everyday objects, but also a classy accessory. They accompany us throughout the day and are no longer only there to tell us the right time. They show us the date, stop the time, check our pulse and record our sportive activities. This is why good design becomes ever more important: Thereby, function and use as well as aesthetics play a decisive role. In 2017, the “Big Bang Meca-10 Magic Gold” by Hublot was awarded a Red Dot: Best of the Best.

Gisbert Brunner and Rüdiger Bucher, specialists from the watch industry, have set themselves the task to assess the submissions of the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2018 in terms of their design quality. Their expertise is required, especially for submissions in the category “Watches”.

Gisbert Brunner: the private collector of watches becomes a recognised specialist
Gisbert L. Brunner turned his passion into his profession: Especially during the quartz clock crisis of the 1970s, his love for the apparently dying-out mechanical timepieces grew. In the 1980s, the collector began to write first professional articles. Amongst others, Brunner works for magazines such as Chronos, Handelszeitung, Prestige, Red Bulletin, Terra Mater, Uhren Juwelen Schmuck, the Vectura Magazin and ZEIT Magazin today. Besides the three Watch Books, in which he portrays several watch brands in words and images, he published more than 20 books on this topic.

Rüdiger Bucher – editorial manager of Chronos
In 1999, Rüdiger Bucher became editorial manager of Chronos, the leading German-language special interest magazine for wrist watches. Since then, Chronos has positioned itself internationally with subsidiary magazines and licensed editions in China, Korea, Japan and Poland. At the same time, Bucher established a successful corporate publishing department for Chronos. Since 2014, he has been editorial director and in addition to Chronos he has also been in charge of the sister magazines Uhren-Magazin, Klassik Uhren and the New York-based WatchTime. Rüdiger Bucher lectures as an expert for mechanical wrist watches and is a sought-after interview partner for various media.

Registration for the competition still possible until 9 February 2018
To the question which topics are most likely to influence design in the coming years, Rüdiger Bucher replied in 2017: “In the world of watches, the link between traditional and progressive elements will become ever more prevalent.” The results of the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2018 will show whether the expert is right with his assumption. Until 9 February 2018, participants have the opportunity to register their products in 48 categories and let them be assessed by the Red Dot Jury. This year, besides Gisbert Brunner and Rüdiger Bucher, the panel will consist of 38 further experts.

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