Good packaging design: orientation and buying incentive for the consumer

The Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2016 is in full swing: Communication designers, marketing experts and young talents from all over the world are once again invited to submit their outstanding projects and campaigns. Last year in the category "Packaging Design" the design studio Win Win Packaging Ltd. from Finland received the Red Dot: Grand Prix for the packaging of the brandy "This Is Not Calvados". There are a total of 21 categories available for participants to prove their talent and be assessed in an international context.

The packaging design convinces with aesthetics and functionalism

“This Is Not Calvados” is a premium product targeted at Calvados enthusiasts. It is made by a small Finnish distillery using only biodynamic, naturally grown apples, and no artificial additives. Since the name "Calvados" can only be used by cider brandies from the area of origin in Normandy, France, the statement on the label "This Is Not Calvados" communicates directly to what it is. The packaging design of the bottle distinguishes the Finnish product from its French competitors and attracts attention. The design aims to create a natural and hand-made look and feel. The light but strong package, made of environmentally friendly cardboard, also protects the product during transportation. In addition, it is stackable and, thus, can be turned into nice display sets in tax-free shops and other retail stores. The bottle’s masculine form and the straightforward design of its label, featuring grotesque Franklin Gothic lettering, lend it a pure and powerful image.

The search is on for excellent communication solutions in the design industry

The competition has first been held in 1993 and until 2001 was known as the “Deutscher Preis für Kommunikationsdesign” (German Prize for Communication Design). It is geared to creatives from agencies, design offices and companies with high-profile campaigns, as well as to renowned designers, up-and-coming talents and freelancers. Until tomorrow, 5 April 2016, participants in the Red Dot Award: Communication Design can profit from the conditions of the Early Bird registration. On 6 April, the Regular phase will start which is going until 12 May. The Latercomer registration is the last possibility to take in the competition. It ends on 10 June 2016.

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