Iconic Series V

Best Tools
Best Friends

Measuring, cutting, sawing, drilling, screwing, moulding. There is something magical about tools. They can trigger real enthusiasm in those who know what tools can do and how to use them.

In the “Iconic Series”, we present a selection of tools under the title “Best Tools - Best Friends” that have been given the Red Dot Design Award.

The Toolbox

No home is complete without a toolbox. While conventional toolboxes generally come with a large selection of gadgets with complex functions, the HOTO range offers four tool sets specifically developed for domestic use.

The HOTO Toolbox Series is minimalist and aesthetically pleasing – and therefore extremely unusual for a toolbox. A product whose discreet aesthetic will harmoniously blend in with any modern living environment and will thus not need to be hidden away in the cellar.


The best tool is the one you have to hand exactly when you need it. What may just about apply at home, is more difficult to achieve when you are out and about. This is when multi-tools can prove to be extremely useful.

Offering a total of 26 useful functions the high-precision tool made of stainless steel and plastic is suitable for a wide range of applications. The NEO tool 26+ is just as useful for car or small household repairs as it is for travel. Cast pliers, glass breaker, set of bits with 9 bits, saw, file, screwdriver and centimeter ruler are just a few functions of the 258g all-rounder.

The individual components of the Leatherman Skeletool RX are clearly visible and sensibly arranged. The Leatherman Skeletool RX rescue multitool features a glass breaker and an extra-strong combination blade for hard materials such as leather or canvas. Further features are standard and pointed pliers, wire cutters, screwdrivers and bit holders, including a screwdriver. Thus, the right tool is always at one’s fingertips.

Cordless Screwdrivers 

Fastening screws requires skill and a steady hand because it is not always easy to adjust the direction and speed ideally for each task.

Therefore, the design of the Black & Decker Gyro Driver offers an exciting concept of interaction: the battery-powered screwdriver senses the movement of the wrist. It thus allows users to easily control and adjust the motor’s direction and speed. Users simply have to grip the trigger to activate and twist right for forward and twist left for reverse.

The Bosch Go cordless screwdriver is intuitive and easy-to-use for screws in wood, metal, and plastic as well as working on filigree applications such as motherboards or electrical cabinets. Simply push the tool or press the button to begin – dual-activation mode ensures the right start for every situation. Its precise mechanical clutch has five settings for fine adjustments plus a maximum performance mode. Controlling the Bosch Go is easy – the tool stops automatically immediately after deactivation thanks to its electronic brake.

Multi-Purpose Anchor, Screwdrivers and Bit Holder

One anchor, eight knots. Würth’s innovative all-purpose anchor can be easily inserted into the drill hole without a hammer. Then the screw can be fastened easily without any risk of overtightening.

Every toolbox should contain a set of screwdrivers. Modern models are usually equipped with a bit holder to make the tool more versatile. Some manufacturers offer a good selection of bits and matching bit holders.

With the Wiha Magazine Bit Holder and LiftUp 26 one®, bits can be selected, removed and returned quickly and easily at the touch of a button. The innovative design also ensures that the range of bits is not only clearly organized, but also protected. The ergonomic handle enables very good power transmission to loosen even tight screws. Both products impress with their ergonomic form and functionality.

The FlipSelector is a bit box which can be equipped according to the field of application. When the red logo button is slid down, the bit-clamping element pivots by 180 degrees and releases the bits for removal.

Tool Storage

The Hazet SmartHolder is a compact tool set for craftsmen or for home – the perfect addition to the tool case. The SmartHolder can hold numerous high-quality tools in a minimal amount of space.

The design of the compact tool holder impresses with stylish aesthetics and well-thought-out functional details, including printed pictograms that provide a good overview of the contents.

The practical item is also easy to open: two strips slide apart by means of a push-button. Then the tools can be removed intuitively. When closed, however, all individual parts are held securely in place, thanks to a locking mechanism.

The Axe

The axe is an ancient tool. And although you can't reinvent the axe, you can always improve it as Fiskars X-Series shows.

When designing the X-series axes, product designers at Fiskars concentrated on improving balance and devoted their efforts to closely studying all of the movements involved in chopping wood. From raising the tool to splitting the log, the focus was on optimising swing speed and amplifying user strength.

The development of the blades was also instrumental in creating an effective product: the wider cutting edge and splitting wedge improve performance and make the blades easier to remove from the cut. Moreover, the low-friction, stainless-steel blade coating glides smoothly through the wood. These features, in combination with the lightweight FiberComp handle, which absorbs shock and offers superior overstrike protection, make using the axe feel effortless.

But one axe is a cut above the rest of the series in terms of size and colour: the new, completely orange, ultra-light hiking axe is sized for easy carrying and stowing, not to mention single-handed use. The axe has a sheath for safety when driving tent stakes into the ground, and it comes with a belt loop and a reliable locking mechanism. Sometimes an axe isn’t just an axe.


Whether hand tools or power tools, whether for working with wood, metal or concrete, well-designed tools are the answer to completing small or large tasks. 

They often give their users a deep sense of satisfaction when a task is completed or a problem solved. Knowing how something works and what to do makes life easier. A good reason to own quality tools you can rely on.