Impressive communication design in Taipei: The exhibition “Dialogue - Red Dot awarded Communication Design” shows Taiwanese and international benchmarks in the Red Dot Design Area

The special exhibition “Dialogue - Red Dot awarded Communication Design” will be on show in the Red Dot Design Area in Taipei until 22 November. The exhibition presents trends, strategies and projects of the Taiwanese and the international communication design scene. The spectrum includes more than 150 exhibits from illustrations, posters, packaging, advertising campaigns to online appearances. All works have in common, that in 2016, they are awarded the Red Dot: Best of the Best and the highest single award “Red Dot: Grand Prix”. In order to show where the insular state is positioned in the world of communication design, award-winning works from Taiwan are on show, too.

In any case, the animation “Meet, or not” by Mu-Yi Chi and Yi-Sin Lin from the Tatung University Taipei has a home game. Last year, it was honored with the Red Dot: Junior Prize and reveals mysterious fantasies and optical illusions. This aims at captivating the beholder in order to convey the main message of the animation: Despite of all the challenges that humans have to face and master day-to-day, they still make great efforts to bravely chase their dreams.

About 360 km further south another exhibit was created at a university: “The Taiwanese Cabby” has been illustrated by Yong-Ji Syu, Wan-Hsiu Tsai, Pei-Wen Huang, Jia-Yi Dong, Yi-Chen Lin, Hsuan-Chi Hsu and Shun-Sheng Chang in the department for visual communication design of the Shu-Te University in Kaohsiung. The creation shows the features of Taiwanese society as well as the different lifestyles in various areas through the eyes of cabbies in colourful, vivid and detailed graphics.

Beyond these two examples, design enthusiasts, visiting the Red Dot Design Area of Taipei, can look forward to impressive communication design benchmarks from all over the world. In addition, the exhibition shows what the Red Dot Award: Communication Design is all about: For 25 years now, the competition has offered agencies, designers and companies from all over the world a platform for evaluating their design and creative achievements.

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