Red Dot Award: Product Design

In a favourable light

In a favourable light: puristic and exceptional lamps

Lamps are an essential part of the interior design as they provide for a comfortable atmosphere. As the light source should fit perfectly into every room, the expectations regarding cosiness and aesthetic refinement are high. At the same time, manufacturers repeatedly convince consumers with innovative technological solutions – be it with the help of intelligent material and product developments, modern light technology or classic forms that are revived. While LED has become sophisticated standard, the light industry convinces with new approaches today that make the light and its effect come to the fore. This is also proven by winners of the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2018 in the category “Lighting and lamps”.

Unity of form and function

Loop”, manufactured by Fluvia and designed by Estudi Antoni Arola, convinces with a simple language of form. As the fine sheet of light of the lamp can be rotated by 360 degrees, impressive “loop” effects are created. Especially the combination of several luminaires generates an expressive atmosphere in the room which profits from the benefits of the OLED technology.

“The Loop luminaire impresses with a geometric design that fascinates with lines that seem archetypical. Its pronounced minimalism is as remarkable as the technological concept underlying it. This luminaire allows for a highly versatile use and is well thought-out also in terms of function. Stepping back discreetly in form, it is suitable for creating a wide variety of indoor light scenarios,” says the jury about the product that was awarded a Red Dot: Best of the Best.

Industry character with clear lines

For everyone who likes lamps in an industrial style, the pendant luminaire “Flynn” from Eureka Lighting is just right. The product, which received a Red Dot, convinced the jury with its clear aesthetics and its sophisticated technology. The aluminium shade consists of a generously curved, white reflector, holding a dark disc with the powerful LED source in its centre. A pleasant light and a highly diffused illumination are created with the help of special, custom-designed light engines. The lamp is available in two different sizes with a finely textured anthracite or matte white finish.

Intuitive handling

Equally clear lines has the table lamp “Flow”. It consists of four slim metal elements which are joined in three places but can still rotate. This allows a flexible positioning of the elements. The narrow lamp head with the LED technology ideally fits the gracile shape of the body. The product from Normann Copenhagen, which was designed by Studio Kowalewski, captivates with an easy and comfortable handling. This was acknowledged with the distinction “Red Dot”.

Special atmosphere

The uplight “STREAM” creates a very special atmosphere as it illuminates the room with indirect light. Thus, the spotlighted ceiling turns into a reflection surface where diffuse light can develop. Thanks to the purist form, the product from Regent Beleuchtungskörper, which was designed by Kornelius Reutter, ideally fits every surrounding. Due to a specific reflector technology and a narrow cone, it is even suitable for offices. “This uplight enables highly appealing room light effect – a formally and functionally convincing product solution,” summarises the jury the characteristics of the lamp, which received a Red Dot.

Registration phase ends within a short time

The play with light, its reflexions and shadows in combination with traditional and innovative materials is only starting out. Whether OLED, connected light models or the data transmission via light – consumers can look forward to exciting and technically complex solutions from manufacturers and designers of the lighting industry. The winners of the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2019 will give first insights into the future of the light. Only until 1 February, designers and companies can register their products for the competition. Apart from the category “Lighting and lamps”, there are 47 further product groups for registration – from “Fashion and lifestyle accessories” to “Robotics” to “Cars and motorcycles”. The winners will be duly celebrated during the award ceremony on 8 July.