Red Dot Award: Design Concept

Innovatively into the new year

Innovatively into the new year

The submission phase for the Red Dot Award: Design Concept begins on 2 January 2020. Designers, design teams, companies, design studios and universities from all over the world are invited to submit prototypes, marketable products, new ideas and design concepts for evaluation and to put their designs to the test.

There are no limits to imagination

More than 40 categories offer designers a broad spectrum to submit a design solution for almost every situation. New groups such as “Artificial Intelligence”, “3D Printed” and “Virtual and Augmented Reality” promise an exciting future full of possibilities, especially as the extension to visual communication encompasses an even broader spectrum of designs and designers.

Jury with expertise and experience

The jury of the Red Dot Award: Design Concept comes from all parts of the world and, combined with many years of experience, offers an international view on the entries for a fair and balanced assessment. The experts thus do assess every concept individually with regard to their design quality and innovative value.

Quality assessment of the products

The Red Dot Award not only acts as an innovation platform, but also offers winning designers the opportunity to sound out the marketability of future products. The Red Dot label serves customers as an established sign of the design ability of designers, studios or companies and makes the creative competence of a team comparable.

“The market launch of a new product and every design process is associated with risks,” says Prof. Dr. Peter Zec, founder and CEO of Red Dot. “That’s why designers and companies should review their ideas before investing in them. I think the Red Dot Award: Design Concept offers the best opportunity for concept evaluation.” In addition, participants in the pre-evaluation receive initial indications of the product’s market readiness and are thus able to stop the investment if the product is not selected for the final round.

Red Dot quality seal

For their winning design concepts, the laureates receive the winners label, certificates and an invitation to the Red Dot Gala, where the Red Dot: Best of the Best winners are honoured on stage. The award-winning design concepts will be published in the yearbook as well as in the Online Exhibition on the Red Dot website. Furthermore, they are exhibited in the Red Dot Design Museum Singapore.

The submission phases of the Red Dot Award: Design Concept

Early booking phase:                                                                     2 January – 6 February 2020
Standard phase:                                                                             7 February – 25 March 2020
Late submission:                                                                            26 March – 15 May 2020