Jury of the Red Dot Award: Design Concept 2015 ready to start: Standard submission period is closing on 25 March

The jury is the backbone of the Red Dot Design Award, providing an invaluable knowledge base and insights into the design industry. Comprised of recognised international designers, professors, specialised journalists, and publishers. Thanks to their experience and know-how, these experts are able to assess also the cultural characteristics of design.

Every jury member pledges to a “Code of Honour” and is excluded from taking part in the competition. In addition, to avoid conflicts of interest, the jurors may not be employees of the manufacturing industry. This ensures the highest degree of objectivity when selecting the winning designs.

In a few weeks, the jury will be presented with the first round of entries, to make a selection for the final judging. Only entries which were submitted at the early and standard submission periods are qualified for the prejudging. The last chance to enter for prejudging will be ending on 25 March 2015.

The standard submission period is also the last chance to submit entries in English, German, Chinese and Korean; it’s the perfect opportunity to take this advantage. The jury members are native speakers who are assessing and selecting design concepts for the final judging.

Red Dot Award: Design Concept 2015 – Dates

Registration periods (up until and including):
Standard submission: until 25 March 2015
Late submission: 26 March – 20 May 2015
Judging: June 2015

Awarding ceremony: 25 September 2015
Exhibition of the winning products: from 26 September 2015