Outstanding design and its makers: drone “Xplorer”

Once a year, the jury of the Red Dot Award: Product Design awards objects with high quality design. In 2016, only 1.5 percent of around 5,200 entries received the highest distinction “Red Dot: Best of the Best”. It goes to the best products of a category like the drone Xplorer.

As helpful, unmanned flying objects, drones have conquered ever more areas of our life. Thus, they are used in land surveying and deliver also private persons spectacular images from the bird’s eye view. Xplorer can be easily disassembled without the need for tools. Since it finds its way back automatically when it flies beyond the effective remote control distance or if the battery runs low, this drone offers a high degree of safety. The Red Dot jury stated: “The Xplorer is marked by high quality paired with perfection in detail. It embodies a specific form that fascinates with an elegance hitherto unseen in this field of application. All of its elements were merged to form a consistent unity. The comfortable to use remote control as well as the functional case for transportation also fascinate with an equally premium quality appeal design idiom.”

The outstanding design achievement is made by Shenzhen Rapoo Technology and designed by Huang Xinshui and Li Mulin from Shenzhen zero-tech. Red Dot talked to the award-winning designers from China.

Red Dot: What was your goal when you designed Xplorer?
Huang Xinshui and Li Mulin: To design a drone affordable for common people, to make it possible for everyone to enjoy the fun of aerial photography and high-quality service.

Is there a designer that you particularly admire?
We prefer the Japanese design style and its representative Naoto Fukasawa.
His work is original, natural and just to a nicety, without any unnecessary and deliberate part.

What do you see as being the biggest challenges in your industry at present?
Currently, pushing the limits of hardware technology and bringing new user experiences may be the biggest challenges.

The Red Dot Award: Product Design starts on 24 October 2016.