Red Dot Award: Design Concept

Practical advice from design experts

With an international jury consisting of experts from diverse fields, the Red Dot Award: Design Concept serves as a fair, recognised, and indisputable benchmark for creativity and design excellence in the industry. The jury members of the Red Dot Award: Design Concept have the unique, distinctive task of pointing out the future of product design, relying on collective experiences to decipher breakthrough innovation from flash in the pan fads.

Through the years, as individual experiences of each jury member of the design concept award accumulate, the Red Dot Jurors have commented on what would be effective for them when it comes to reading the ideas presented to them. Here is what designers can consider and re-consider when preparing entries to the award.

Tapani Hyvönen

The presentation should sell the core idea in five to ten seconds. I think as the number of submissions for this competition increase every year, there will be more works for jurors to go through. That is why simplicity and clarity of presentation is important.

Nils Toft

A good design concept should have a combination of either aesthetic, conceptual or technical innovation combined with justification of potential for realisation.

Prof. Song Kee Hong

Present ideas as clear and as concise as you can. It should be understood within seconds. It gives you a better chance.

I look for originality of ideas, quality of execution in both form and function, and also potential impact should the concept be realised. Concepts are often developed outside the walls of existing constraints; whether social, physical or psychological. While this can often lead to self-indulgent fluff, some of the best concepts that were seen in the competition provide a glimpse into the future; revealing new worlds of possibilities.

Prof Dr. Ken Nah

“Simplicity and clarity of concept presentation.”

In most cases, a significant amount of information was lost while designing the presentation, I think this aspect is critical, maybe more important than the concept itself.

For me, it is the feasibility of the concept in terms of technology and manufacturability, followed by its extent of innovation and visual aesthetics. But the silver bullet was the balance and harmony of all the criteria mentioned above.

The race continues on, standard submissions ending 24 March 2021

The standard submission phase for the Red Dot Award: Design Concept is underway; accepting design concepts, prototypes, ready to launch products, the award is open to designers, design teams, design studios, product companies, and universities.

The standard submission phase offers a one for one promotion and the advantage of prejudging.

Red Dot Award: Design Concept 2021 runs until 17 May (inclusive).


Submission Dates:

  • Standard submission: 10 February – 24 March
  • Late submission: 25 March – 17 May

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