“Punto Rosso”: award-winning communication design from Italy

Italy stands for fashion and design, elegance and tradition. The Milan Design Week, where the latest trends of furniture were presented, ended recently. But also award-winning communication design comes from the land of the dolce vita. Italian designers regularly prove this in the Red Dot Award: Communication Design.

Packaging design for Italian wine
Together with the design studio Spazio Di Paolo, the winery Caiaffa convinced the Red Dot Jury and received the sought-after Red Dot in the category “Packaging Design” twice at the Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2017. The winery has its focus on the production of organic wines, which the high quality packaging design emphasises. The packaging of their “Nature” wine assortment symbolises the synergy between nature and insects, whose ecosystem regulates the vineyards’ equilibrium. The motif of “Caiaffa – Insects” is composed of two overlapping labels.  The upper, cut out label depicts the tunnels of the insects, while the label underneath shows a partial view of the insects living in the vineyard, which contribute to the creation of the product.

In addition, the minimalistic packaging design for the wine assortment “Caiaffa Bio” reflects the originality of the products and emphasises the ecological values of the production. The simple design of the label “Caiaffa – Minimal” aims at attracting new customers on the national and international market. The slim, geometrical label is designed differently according to the various types of wine, so that they are distinguishable from each other despite of their similarities. The subtle design highlights the quality of the wine.

Juventus Turin: more than just black and white
The Juventus Football Club too, successfully submitted its projects in cooperation with the agency Interbrand Italia in the categories “Brand Design & Identity” and “Typography” in 2017. With the new brand identity “Life is a Matter of Black and White”, the football club wants to begin the future. The new bold club logo holds the visual heritage of the football club and pushes at the same time towards modernity and the potential to embrace wider entertainment categories. The design of the logo represents the essence of Juventus: the stripes of the jersey, the scudetto symbol and the iconic J initial.

In addition, the bespoke typeface “Juventus Fans – Black–and–White DNA” supports the clubs’ new identity. The strong rhythm of the vertical lines is inspired by the signature black and white stripes of the football club, while its solid structure gives it a strong and sharp appearance. The typeface comes along in different variations – light, regular and bold, as well as bold inline and bold stretched. The simplified counters ensure good legibility of the display typeface even in small sizes.

Winner for two years in a row
Intorno Design designed for the Rome University of Fine Arts (RUFA) the annual report 2016, which received a Red Dot: Best of the Best at the Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2017. The design of the report is marked by an expressive typography, a striking colour scheme, a free-form layout and visible binding. The book jacket serves as a poster and sorts the entries by type.

Additionally, the annual report contains digital contents that can be viewed with an app. The jury explained: “It makes playful use of typography; every single page is engaging and at the same time infused by a nifty sense for a harmonious balance between emotions (i.e. pictures) and information, turning the report into a pleasure to browse through.” In the previous year, the university could already convince the jury with its annual report 2015 and win a Red Dot.

Submission still possible until June
Italian designers as well as designers from all over the world can submit their works in this year’s Red Dot Award: Communication Design until 15 June 2018. 24 selected jury members decide in a process spanning several days about the quality of the submitted work and award in 17 categories the sought-after Red Dot.

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