Multi-Purpose Delivery Vehicle
Red Dot Award: Design Concept 2021

Multi-Purpose Delivery Vehicle nominated for Red Dot: Luminary

Multi-Purpose Delivery Vehicle is designed by the company, Canoo, and is based in the United States. The Red Dot: Best of the Best winner emerged from Mobility and Transportation category and has been nominated for the Red Dot: Luminary. The Multi-Purpose Delivery Vehicle (MPDV) is an all-electric commercial and small business solution purposefully designed to maximise productivity and return on investment for users.

The design team at Canoo shares more with Red Dot.

Tell us about the project Multi-Purpose Delivery Vehicle

The task was to design a highly versatile delivery vehicle on top of our existing skateboard platform, enabling all sorts of small businesses to enjoy the benefits of our modular design. We think of the resulting vehicle as an office on wheels.

We first took advantage of our flat skateboard design/steer-by-wire, shifting the driver’s seat forward to create more cubic storage. Then we decided on a body panel construction (even before styling).  We were inspired by architecture, using a skeletal frame and flat panels. This aesthetic allows the exterior to be efficiently made and economical.

Next, we designed around multiple users. A package delivery person, a mobile coffeeshop, a food/clothing vendor, etc. We wanted this vehicle to be a tool that’s able to morph and evolve for a variety of different customers.

Can you share with us any interesting knowledge that you have gained while developing this project

We know that MPDV customers are the type who will get value out of usability, modularity, and interior space, so we started from there, and worked to envelop it all in a clean, minimalist shape.

The recycled rubber flooring in the MPDV is made of old car tires – this reduces waste in our landfills and is easy for vehicle owners to clean and maintain.

And of course, communicating with users and designing around their unique needs was vital throughout the design and build process.

What is the role of design in projects like Multi Purpose Delivery Vehicle?

Design plays a huge role in how we think about projects like the MPDV, at every stage of the process. This includes thinking about how drivers will interact with every aspect of the interior, and making sure that the exterior looks unlike anything else on the road

The role of exterior design is to constantly make sure functionality comes before styling. Every corner of the car needed to have some purpose or reason. Traditional car design revolves around making an emotional “sculpture” and then fitting an interior inside. We flipped that process, letting interior volume and functionality take priority.

What does winning a design award, especially the Red Dot mean to you or to the team?

A Red Dot Award is a certification of a design work’s quality. It verifies all the hard work and thinking we’ve put in. It’s definitely an honor – especially with all the great design out there today.

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