Red Dot Award: Design Concept

Award Ceremony on 27 September 2023

Award Ceremony on 27 September 2023

Winning designers from around the world will travel to Singapore once again on the 27 September to celebrate their achievements. The jury panel for Red Dot Award: Design Concept 2023 has selected the year’s best research projects, prototypes, and design concepts. 2023’s cutting-edge and futuristic design concepts to be announced at the Award Ceremony on 27 September.

Winners will receive their awards on stage, handed out by Prof. Dr. Peter Zec, CEO and initiator of Red Dot, followed by a Designers’ Night at the Red Dot Design Museum. All of the award-winning design concepts will be made available at the Red Dot Award: Design Concept winners’ exhibition at the Red Dot Design Museum and on on the same day. The online exhibition details the description of the works, high-quality images and further information on the design teams.

For this year’s highest distinction awarded accorded in the award, five outstanding Red Dot: Best of the Best design concepts have been nominated for the Red Dot: Luminary. The Red Dot: Luminary serves as an inspiration to aspire towards, and that the winner of Red Dot: Luminary 2023 will be revealed during the Award Ceremony.

KulingConnect - Reimagine Preboarding Your New Job

A user-friendly app that revolutionises the pre-boarding phase of employment. It provides a seamless transition from contract signing to getting acquainted with new colleagues. 


Motivated by the desire to actively reduce the size of the agricultural machinery, Feldschwarm is designed to be a modular and scalable solution, acting in a swarm for semiautonomous operations in the fields.


A low-cost, 3D printable mechanical finger prosthesis designed to provide finger amputees around the world with an accessible solution to restore the functionality of their amputated fingers. 


Grass aspires to capture the tracks of people’s lives through data. The work uses light to convey various gestures of movement in the city. 

All Forms Of Life

A series of screen-printed artworks that use abstracted Chinese characters to represent various stages of life and states of being throughout a person’s life.