Red Dot Award: Design Concept

Future products in real life

Red Dot Design Museum Singapore Exhibition

Since 2005, the design concept award has been identifying and celebrating new design concepts and innovations, the Red Dot Design Museum Singapore has been alongside providing a platform to showcase these winning works. Being the home of the Red Dot Award for Design Concept, it is the only permanent location to find these ideas manifested into prototypes and models.

From new fabrics to outdoor recreational equipment to home furniture to SOS products, designers and design teams from all over the world submitted their solutions that resolved issues close to their heart. All winning projects are introduced in the exhibition while a selection of prototypes and models are on display.

Red Dot Design Yearbook

With the yearbook being an important design reference book for libraries, companies, and designers, a permanent record provides strong visibility worldwide.  This publication presents all the 2023/2024 winners collection of design concepts, prototypes, and product ideas that met with the approval of the Red Dot Award: Design Concept jury.

The Red Dot Yearbooks, which present all prizewinning concepts, have gained an undisputed reputation as compilations of exceptional designs in the scene. The exhibitions and yearbook are traditions of the Red Dot Design Award, providing designers with a reference to the best in design and details descriptions of the work and information on the designers. 

Make plans for the future

Call for entries begins on 1 December 2023. Red Dot Award: Design Concept invites designers, design studios, companies and universities to challenge the status quo and present their most exciting design concepts and prototypes to an international panel of design experts.