Red Dot Award: Product Design – These are the Winners’ Benefits (Part 4/4)

The registration for the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2016 ends on 10 February. Currently, designers and manufacturers from all around the world submit their objects for the renowned product design competition. Winning the Red Dot opens the doors for them to a worldwide network and offers exclusive options for communicating their success. The Winners’ Benefits are, amongst others, wide-coverage online publications on the award-winning products on the platform Red Dot 21, in the Red Dot App, and in the Online Presentation.

Red Dot 21 – World of DesignRed Dot 21 represents the world of design in the widest-reach interactive Red Dot medium for brands, innovations and their makers. Renowned global players as well as up-and-coming companies and designers present themselves, their design expertise, and their latest ideas. Spanning over the fields of industrial design and visual design, the platform also includes groundbreaking design concepts.

But Red Dot 21 is more than just a unique stage for excellent design. It is a source of inspiration as well as a communication and recruiting platform. Brand decision-makers communicate directly with sought-after designers, as do designers with one another. Up-and-coming talents, on the other hand, utilise the platform to draw the design scene’s attention to their fresh ideas. Journalists and design enthusiasts make use of this rich research tool – it offers detailed information on the latest achievements worldwide, and where to purchase them. Users can track their spheres of interest on the platform and create their own Red Dot 21 experience.

The Red Dot App
Winners of the Red Dot Award can present their prize-winning products in the Red Dot App. More than 2,500 awarded designs are already included and can be viewed any time and anywhere. App users can quickly bookmark favourites and directly access information on products, projects and designers. With just a few clicks, they can share favourite objects with friends through all established social media channels, thus spreading news about the products and projects quickly.
An additional bonus of the app is the Red Dot Maps function. It can be used to guide users to nearby design museums, design fairs and events, design shops that sell products which have won the Red Dot, and showrooms for well-known brands, regardless of where the user happens to be. More than 25,000 design locations and design-related events are already integrated in the app.

Jury members and other personalities involved in the Red Dot Award also provide insider hints for design locations, attractions, restaurants or hotels in their home-towns in the form of “designer routes”. These can also be filtered by personal interest or time of day, customised and saved as ones own route.

Online Presentation
Red Dot Online is one of the most important design research portals for business, the media and the entire design industry. More and more consumers are also using the Red Dot website to find out about products. Winners of the Red Dot Award: Product Design have the exclusive possibility of showing their products to the public for at least a year as part of a large online presentation – with high-resolution photographs, further information and useful web links.

Red Dot Award: Product Design 2016
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