Red Dot Award: Product Design

Awarded stoves

Hot design for cold days: cosy warmth with stoves

Pattering, glowing and flickering, a stove creates a maximum of cosiness in a living room. When it’s cold and rainy outside, more and more people enjoy the homely campfire atmosphere that a stove provides. The warmth of the flames and the view on the blazing fire invite to relax. Nowadays, manufacturers adapt to the current trends of the furniture and interior industry and offer stoves with a simple design, that harmoniously integrate into the living environment. But not only the improvement of the quality of life speaks for the purchase of such a warmth dispenser: especially in times when oil and gas prices are constantly rising, heating with wood is state-of-the-art. In the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2018, three stoves were awarded with the distinction “Red Dot”.

“Elvas”: heating decently and preciously

The stove “Elvas” is particularly well suited to open plan living spaces as it can be rotated. Thanks to its tall and slender shape, it seems plain and elegant. It produces a great fire without emiting too much heat. Surrounded by high-quality ceramic casing, it comes in a variety of colours and in two textures: fan pattern or smooth. “With its beautifully elegant design, the Elvas stove will create a striking highlight in a range of different interiors,” says the Red Dot Jury about the product which was manufactured by Hase Kaminofenbau and designed by Fernando Najera.


“Mylos”: double flame experience

Equipped with Dual Fire technology, the round stove “Mylos” from Oranier Heiztechnik offers a double flame experience thanks to two combustion chambers. On the upper level is the wood fire, below is the wood gas flame. Initially, wood is burned on the top level. After a bed of embers has formed, more wood is added. The natural draught from the chimney causes the wood gases to pass through a nozzle block into the lower combustion chamber where they undergo low-emission post combustion. This generates an efficiency of up to 90 percent. “The Mylos stove is impressive both for its innovative, environmentally considered technology and its elegant appearance,” notices the Red Dot Jury.

Pellet stove “Infinity”: true functionality

“The design of the Infinity pellet stove aims for sophisticated functionality, practical benefit and highly aesthetic appearance,” outline the jury members of the competition the characteristics of the stove “Infinity” from the Italian manufacturer Ravelli. It does not only heat the room in which it is installed but uses a ducting system to also heat an adjoining room. To do so, Infinity, designed by Daniele Gualeni Design Studio, makes use of natural air currents and generates pleasant warmth. Special sensors provide safety and a self-cleaning brazier makes cleansing easy for the user. The large door provides a good view of the flames.



Registration still possible until 1 February

Still until 1 February 2019, manufacturers and designers worldwide have the possibility to register their stoves as well as other products for the Red Dot Award: Product Design. Therefore, they can choose between 48 different categories – from “Home and seating furniture” to “Outdoor and camping equipment” to “Ships, trains and planes”.