Prof. Dr. Peter Zec in an interview with german radio station “Deutschlandfunk”

About designer Jonathan Ive leaving Apple

A designer with an “incredible presence”: Peter Zec in a dialogue with german radio station “Deutschlandfunk Kultur” about Jonathan Ive leaving apple

In the past 20 years, Jonathan Ive has left his mark on Apple: He was the designer behind the noticeable products of the company. Now, he surprisingly leaves Apple to go his own ways. In an interview with the German radio station “Deutschlandfunk”, Prof. Dr. Peter Zec describes Ive’s work as extraordinary: he has “revolutionised a whole industry with his colourful computers,” says the founder and CEO of Red Dot. “I think he managed to give Apple its own design language and to form a consistent line, that has created incredible attention for the products. And which has established a totally new standard in the digital world,” comments the design expert in the discussion with Marietta Schwarz.

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